Why You’re ALWAYS Attracted To The Same “Type”

by | Sep 2, 2016 | Sex & Love

Photograph by Garreth Barclay
Found yourself attracted to the same “type” again – even if he/she is super-bad for you? There’s a science-backed reason for it… And it’s kinda creepy

Yes, yes, admit it… you’ve got a “type”

Always go for guys with the same look? Science has an explanation: new research in the journal Current Biology suggests your type is all down to your first romantic relationship and you’ll tend to be attracted to people with similar-looking face shapes to your ex for years to come.

But what about biology and genes and all that other stuff we like to blame for the bad boys we’re attracted to?

Biology and genes definitely play a role, but it seems that who you’re attracted to is just as much defined by your personal circumstances and relationship history. This quote from the Independent sums it up: “If you think about your first romantic relationship, that person’s face, or someone who looks like them might be attractive to you for years to come,” says psychologist Laura Germine. So here’s hoping your first looked like a keeper…
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Taylor Swift's type
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