These 8 Self-Care Tips Are Especially Important For Those Working From Home

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Working from home? Not really loving it? Join the club. But balance it out with a dose of self-care and you might just find your flow… Start with these tips from nutritional consultant and health expert Vanessa Ascencao:

1. Keep a consistent sleep schedule

Try to wake up and go to sleep at the same time every day when working from home. Sticking to a consistent sleep schedule is important for self-care because it contributes to good restorative sleep, which can help boost immunity, contribute to good health, help improve energy and make you feel good. If you feel tired during the day, take a 30-minute nap in the afternoon. Research shows that naps help boost immunity.

2. Get “ready for the day”, even though you’re working from home

Take a shower, brush your hair, get dressed, do yoga or exercise, have some coffee or read before you get started. This will send a signal your brain that it’s a work day and help you feel more prepared, positive and motivated.

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3. Create a designated workspace

Set up an area in your home to use as a workspace, or create a few different workspaces. Try to sit in a chair or move from one workspace to the next during the day to help improve posture, attention, energy and confidence.

4. Follow a daily schedule with breaks

Create a daily schedule and put it in writing. Communicate it with those around you and be as intentional as possible, as it will help you feel more productive. Avoid a long to-do list that will increase stress levels, use earphones to block out distractions and have a good idea about the tasks you plan to complete for the day.

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Include breaks in your schedule and ensure that you take breaks as it will help improve concentration and help you be as productive as possible. When you are feeling sluggish, force yourself to take a 15 minute break to help to improve mood and concentration.

5. Eat healthy food and take quality supplements

Plan healthy meals and prepare them ahead of time to help avoid unhealthy snacking when working from home. Pursue a mindful lifestyle, be conscious of stress-eating and choose foods that help boost memory and concentration, counter anxiety and help boost immunity, such as avo, nuts, seeds, eggs, fatty fish, fruits rich in vitamin C and vegetables.

Drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated and boost your vitamin intake. Ascencao’s recommendations? BetterYou’s Boost B12 and DLux vitamin B and D oral sprays (she rates sprays, saying they work better than pills).

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She also recommends Liposomal Vitamin C to help boost immunity, and limiting processed foods, sugary drinks and refined carbs as these may increase anxiety and can lead to health issues such as weight gain, high blood pressure, diabetes or heart disease.

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Focus on the nutrient content in food to get the energy and nourishment you need. Create a calm environment and find a healthy activity to do if cravings hit.

6. Have a cut off time and stay active

Have a cut-off time to avoid overworking. Change into after-work clothes and try not to check your email unless absolutely necessary. Try scheduling some time to exercise or join online fitness (the Women’s Health YouTube channel has loads for you to choose from) or bootcamp classes (Adventure Boot Camp is doing live streaming) to help give you a sense of connection and upliftment.

7. Involve the children in working from home

It can be overwhelming to help the kids do their schoolwork or keep them entertained as you try to work, and it can lead to overworking out of guilt or creating too much structure. Try to involve the kids in setting self-care strategies such as breaks, exercise, eating or reading together.

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Balance structure and play. Schedule appropriate activities to keep them engaged, limit screen time, and allow for boredom at times. You can’t be too strict or regimented about it but you also need to show your kids the benefit of creating routine. Pay attention to their emotional needs. They may need extra love, affection or attention during this time.

8. Make time for yourself

Self-care is not only about having a spa day or lying in bed all day, but rather about making yourself a priority in an every way, each day. This is essential when working from home. Self-care is not selfish, it’s about finding healthy ways to manage stress, setting schedules, creating structure and staying connected no matter what challenges comes your way.

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True self-care is also about adjusting your plans where needed to support you and it can help you to have a better sense of control and live a more meaningful life. Remember to pat yourself on the back for all that you’ve accomplished and give yourself time to adjust.

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