This 6-Move Yoga Sequence Will Seriously Tighten Your Tummy

by | Aug 16, 2019 | Fitness

Got a bit of winter belly? Yeah, us too. But get this: You don’t need to hit the treadmill for hour upon boring hour, or try out some newfangled (and potentially dangerous) detox. Instead, this six-move yoga sequence will tighten your tummy up pretty quickly. Repeat the sequence a few times for best results.

Simply Shweshwe Practice Set: two blocks and strap

Whether you want to whittle your waist or reveal those abs in time for summer, hop onto your mat daily after a warm-up. You’ll probably find you even start looking forward to your “me” time on the mat…

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There’s an abs bonus to this yoga sequence…

Strong core muscles don’t just look epic, they also protect your lower back. So if you’ve got a niggly back, you should definitely think about including this yoga sequence in your regular practice.

1. Downward-Facing Dog

downward-facing dog

Start this yoga sequence in the downward-facing dog pose. Can you feel those abs?

2. Three-Legged Dog

three-legged dog

Inhale: Lift your right leg – point or flex your foot actively.

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3. Knee-To-Elbow Pose

yoga sequence for abs

Exhale: Right knee to your right elbow/triceps. Notes: Shoulders above your hands, straight spine, pull in your belly and activate your legs. (Easier option: Left knee on the floor as you move your right knee forwards.) Hold pose: hold the Knee-To-Elbow Pose for five breaths to feel your core muscles engage.

4. Three-Legged Dog

yoga sequence for abs

Inhale: Lift your right leg – point or flex your foot actively. Make sure your abs are working.

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5. Downward-Facing Dog

yoga sequence for abs

Exhale: Right foot back down to the mat, feet hip-width apart.

6. Child’s Pose

yoga sequence for abs

Rest and breath before repeating the entire yoga sequence with the left leg.

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