Print This: The Race Day Checklist That Covers EVERYTHING

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Training

By Amy Hopkins

Food and managing ed Amy Hopkins knows a thing or two about pre-race prep.

Plus she got race-day success tips from Nike Master Trainer Joslyn Thompson…

Print this race day checklist:

The day before:

1. Carbo load — hello pasta! Have protein too! If you’re vegan, have veggies high in protein, like mushrooms, peas and kale. And make sure you have everything you need for your morning graze.

2. “Make sure you get enough sleep,” advises Thompson. In fact, getting enough sleep two nights before the race is essential.

3. Hydrate! “Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day,” says Thompson.

4. Make sure your kit is all set up the night before (attach race number, lace up your timing chip, find socks, hairbands and running pouch).

5. Charge your fitness tracker and phone – you don’t want Strava to stop 16km into the run. Some races strictly forbid the use of headphones, so check this out on the race’s website. If you’re allowed to run with music, make sure your iPod and playlist are ready to rock!

6. Set two alarms. Three, if you’re that person.

7. Do some mobility stretches or a yoga class. Key moves include: runners’ lunge and goddess squats.

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On the morning:

1. Stick to your usual pre-race nosh. “When it comes to nutrition, don’t do anything different,” says Thompson. No one wants an upset stomach half way into a race. “Also remember to drink enough water during the race.”

2. Slather on the sunblock.

3. Grab some tissues and stuff them in your pockets/pouch. You never know if the Portaloos or bathrooms have toilet paper and you don’t want to be caught off-guard.

4. Play some good music to get amped!

5. Relax and enjoy yourself.

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After the race:

1. Collect medal.

2. Stretch out.

3. Have a beer – you deserve it!

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Here’s Amy’s race food diary:

The night before:

Pasta and a draft beer – that’s a carb and liquid combo made in heaven. Also, having a beer helps calm the pre-race nerves and excitement.

Race day breakfast:

Two bananas and a double-shot coffee with almond milk. If I’m running a further distance, like a 21km, I usually try add some oats to the mix too.

During the race:

If it’s a 21km, I try drink a little water (about two sips) at every water stop (generally every 3km). Once I hit 15km, I start drinking Coke too, to keep the energy levels high so I can finish strong.

After the race:

Drink 500ml of water before you hit the beers. And have a Rehidrat later in the day.

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