This Is Exactly How Local Celeb Zolani Mahola Lost 25 Kilos

by | Nov 17, 2015 | Weight Loss

Freshly Ground’s Zolani Mahola’s been rocking a kick-ass body for a while – after losing a whopping 25 kilos! In an interview with Women’s Health, Zolani revealed to us how she shed the weight… 

The Motivation

“I’ve always had a strange disconnected feeling with my body,” Zolani admitted. Since the death of her mother, Zolani put on weight and somehow never felt the excess kilos. “I kind of felt like a teenage boy most of my life while looking like a roly-poly tomboy,” she says. Then, there came a point where she started to feel the weight she was carrying around, and she decided to take some serious action. “I felt like my outer should reflect my inner for a change.”

How Zolani Mahola Lost 25kg: The Diet 

Zolani made some drastic changes to her diet before taking on any serious exercise. “I went on a radical diet, cutting out heavy carbs, fats, wheat, sugar – all the good stuff – and ate lean natural foods steamed or grilled,” she says. She also had a ton of help from the Internet. “I did consult weight-loss sites a lot on my journey. I got quite obsessed. I guess I had to,” she says.

The Workout 

Now, Zolani works out regularly – three or four times a week, with a combination of running and boot camp. But, starting out, she needed to phase in her workouts gently. “I upped the exercise gradually as I felt stronger and lighter,” says Zolani. “My favourite thing is combining cardio and weights because it’s a complex workout,” she says. All in all, Zolani says she dropped the first 20kg relatively painlessly. “I had a lot of weight to lose and when you have a lot to lose like that it actually goes quite quickly in the beginning. So the first 20kg went by joyfully and I loved jumping in the scale and seeing my progress,” she says.

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