Work Your Whole Body In 15 Minutes With This Medicine Ball Workout

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Workouts

Nothing kills the workout buzz like the gym at 5 pm. Looking for a treadmill? Join the back of the queue. Want to stretch? Welcome to the mosh pit. And if your intention was to do a quick sweat sesh and get out of there, well, sorry for you. But don’t give up on your fitness dreams just yet. To the rescue: this medicine ball routine from Next Fitness Star finalist Meagan Claasen.

Compound Interest

When you’re short on time but you still need to get a workout in, compound moves are your friend. Combining two or more exercises into one works multiple muscle groups and gets your heart rate up so you’re amplifying your results. What’s more, this workout can be done in any small corner of the gym using minimal equipment – all you need are a medicine ball and a step. And if you’re not sold yet, Meagan’s high-energy routine gives you a proper full-body burn in just 15 minutes. And it’s fun, nogal.

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Your 15-Minute Medicine Ball Workout

Ready to give it a go? Do the moves in order. Do as many reps as you can of one move in 40 seconds, then rest for 20 seconds before starting the next move. Try to rest only once you’ve finished all reps of an exercise, before moving on to the next one. But rest only long enough to catch your breath so that you keep your heart rate elevated. Do three rounds of the whole workout, resting a full minute between rounds.

You need: Medicine ball; step or low box

Your Moves

1/ Medicine Ball Burpee To Squat & Press

This full-body explosive combo will get your heart rate up nicely so you burn more fat throughout the workout.

2/ Get Ups with Box Jump Squats to MB Throw

This one is great for working your bum and thighs, plus your shoulders.

3/ Back Lunge Jump with Dead Lift on The Box

Another one for the bum and thighs… you’re going to be rocking shorts this summer.

4/ Wood Chopper

Say hello to your side abs! And while you’re at it, kiss your saddlebags goodbye.

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