2022, The Year of Realistic Fitness Goals!

by | Jan 3, 2022 | WH Promotion & Events

Nothing feels quite as demotivating as taking a look back at your year’s goals and realising you lost momentum around the second month. Take a deep breath, get that gym gear out, and remember that not all is lost! Callan Sexton, Exercise Director at Virgin Active, believes the best way to set yourself up for long-term success is by setting realistic goals in 2022. Here’s how…


The phrase certainly has a ring to it, right? Make this your year by prioritising self-care and setting aside time to do more of the things that make you smile — and that will fuel your emotional, mental and physical well-being for the year ahead.

Start strong, stay strong

We often start out with high ambitions. Well, until life and adulting show us who’s boss! The time, energy and commitment we’d dedicated to a regular exercise routine is suddenly taken up by deadlines and other responsibilities. 

The best way to avoid copping out, and to keep yourself accountable down the line, is to schedule that run, workout session or Yoga class in your diary — just as you would a work meeting or dinner date. Scheduling your exercise routine makes you more likely to stick to it. Having it on your to-do list, along with your other responsibilities, will convince your brain that you have sufficient time to commit to it.
Research shows that consistently scheduling a certain activity for the same time daily, or a certain number of days weekly, increases its chances of becoming a habit — and second nature eventually! 

Set yourself up to win

No matter your fitness goal, set yourself up to win. Setting yourself up for failure, as many of us tend to do over and over again, only leaves you feeling demoralised — which will discourage you from trying again in the future. To do this, set yourself small achievable goals that allow you to track your progress, one day, one week, one month at a time – until they start building into bigger and more noticeable results.

Start with something simple and easily manageable, such as walking around the block, running a kilometre on the treadmill, or lifting a light 2kg weight. Before tackling the next big fitness challenge, celebrate your successes in whatever way makes you happiest. 

You’re not alone

When you’re not at your fittest, or struggle to wake up for a workout session before work, know this – you are not alone! We are right here by your side to keep you accountable, help you use our exercise equipment correctly and cheer you along the way with a friendly smile and a thumbs up. Let Virgin Active South Africa be your ‘accountabillabuddy’

Start strong with these tips to setting and maintaining your goals for the year with Virgin Active. To make this your best year yet, click here to sign up with Virgin Active today.

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