2024’s Biggest Hair Trends Include Bows, Highlights And Pixie Cuts

by | Jan 12, 2024 | Hair

A lot of hair trends came and went in 2023. The highly-anticipated release of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie put blonde hair and flipped ponytails back in the spotlight over the summer, and the top of the year saw the rise in popularity of glass hair, which is just straight hair that appears so silky, it almost looks like glass.

The biggest hair trends in 2024 are a pretty mixed bag, with experts predicting edgy pixie cuts, long bobs and hair bows as just a handful of styles and trends to look out for in the coming year. Some predictions, like copper hair colours, are timeless fan favourites that are pretty much guaranteed to land on any hair trend list no matter the year, while others like ribbons and big hair accessories are styles that are slowly making a comeback.

If you need some inspiration to take to your hairstylist or colourist in the new year, take a look at the expert predictions ahead for hair trends in 2024.

Meet the experts:

Rebel Pixie

Think of this as a standard pixie cut, just a little more “untamed and rebellious with choppy texture and gravity-defying lift,” says Amy Abramite, creative director and hairstylist.

“This edgy punk crop is best on thick straight hair for a dense look that’s amped up with a bleaching service. Daily styling is low maintenance; no hot tools required,” she adds.

Pixie cuts are definitely having a moment right now, but just to note, if you want this style in particular, Abramite recommends visiting your hairstylists once every four weeks for touch-ups “to keep it standing at attention.”

“The pixie is in need of a reboot,” she says. “Short hair is shifting toward elevated lengths that are deconstructed and causal rather than coiffed. It’s a quicker styling process with a ‘no fuss, no muss’ attitude.”

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Longer Face Frame

These face-framing pieces are very similar to the curtain bangs that took over all of our Instagram feeds back in 2020. “You’ll still have shorter front pieces to frame your face, but more settled,” says Olya Iudina, hairstylist at IGK NYC.

According to Iudina, this type of cut can be worn on most hair types from thin and thick to wavy and curly. “It’s very low maintenance and easy to style,” she adds. “It’s also a good option for someone who wants to have something around the face, but doesn’t want to commit to bangs.”

Sleek And Pulled Back

“A lot of people have been doing slick buns and ponytails, which are such a chic way to wear your hair and have it out of your face for the night,” says Stephanie Angelone, master hairstylist at RPZL Hair Extension & Blowout Bar. Thanks to social media and the thousands of tutorials out there on how to get the perfect, sleek look, these are pretty easy to DIY.

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One Length Cut

Between 2021 and 2023, we saw a rise in popularity of layered haircuts. Think: the wolf cut and the butterfly haircut. According to Iudina, 2024 will be the year of fuller, one-length cuts. “Usually after wearing a lot of layers, clients tend to lean to the opposite for a while. Which is long, full hair with minimum layering and texture,” she says. “This cut will work very well for someone with thin, straight, wavy, or curly hair.”

Hair Bows

Sarah Jessica Parker may have been onto something. During her appearance at the New York City Ballet’s Fall Gala in 2023, she wore a giant black bow. Now bows are back and they’ve been all over red carpets in the last few months. “Searches for bows, hair ties and hair ribbons are up over 100 percent,” Angelone says. “Not only do they look chic, but adding a bow to your hair is the easiest way to elevate your style without having to put a ton of effort in.”

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Clean And Tucked

This is a shorter bob that Abramite says is styled to look sleek and elegant. “Clean lines tucked and smoothly secured behind the ear give a slender style with a classic fringe,” she says. “It’s best worn on straight hair with fine to medium density.”

So if this is the look you’re after, Abramite recommends heading to the salon every six to eight weeks. This will help styling and keep the cut looking polished.

Hazelnut Lights

Lauren Mildice, colour specialist at Maxine Salon, predicts that warm, golden brunette hair colours will be everywhere in 2024.

“Many blondes jumped on the brunette trend after Hailey Bieber coloured her hair brown. Now, many are inspired to change up the tone by adding dimension,” she says. “Hazelnut-coloured hair adds richness and combining the dripping butterscotch tones creates a beautiful golden effect. Gold tones flatter every skin tone.”

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Long Bob With Bangs

If you cut your hair short within the last year and are transitioning to longer hair, a lob might be for you. “Adding texture and bangs to a bob will make this transition go smoother,” Iudina says. “This will work perfectly on thin to medium hair types, wavy or straight.”

Kettle Copper

Red and copper hair colours have had a lot of time in the spotlight. According to Diana Mildice, colourist at Maxine Salon, that’s not set to change in 2024. “This ‘kettle copper’ colour is enhanced by blending shades of apricot and peach throughout the hair,” she says. “The diffused face frame is complimentary to the overall colour.”

This story was first published by Danielle Jackson on Womenshealthmag.com.

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