Stretch Out Your Muscles With This 3 Minute Yoga Warm-Up

by | Jun 21, 2017 | Workouts

By Amy Hopkins, photography by jcomp/

“First I do the yoga, then I do the things”

Been sitting at your desk for 10 hours crunching a deadline? Get up and do this three-minute routine before heading home. This yoga sequence can be used to warm you up before any work out or to simply get your started for the day!

This short sequence is a great neck, shoulder and back stretcher. The squat fires up your quads for a workout, but if you’re just stretching after a long day you can give it a skip. However, it’s a great knee and hip joint strengthener, so we advise doing it all the same.

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The neck stretches can be practiced in a chair and are particularly helpful if you’ve had a long flight.

Trikonasana (aka the triangle pose) is really great for stretching out your sides and back. Stay in the posture for 10 seconds and work it up to 30 seconds over time, while breathing normally. Start out by reaching for your knees at first with your bottom arm. Over time you will be able to reach your feet.

Follow along with one of our WH Staffers: 

Tips to prevent injury:

1. Always stand with your feet comfortably hip-width apart, unless otherwise stated and keep your hands on your hips while doing the neck stretches.

2. Move your head as far as possible, but be careful not to overstrain your neck.

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3. Keep your shoulders relaxed and steady.

4. When twisting, always be aware of any back pain and do not over stretch. If you have any abdominal injuries, avoid doing the twists. Strict yoga protocol does not recommended doing twists during menstruation, but you can judge for yourself.

5. When bending backwards, if you feel dizzy at any point, slowly inhale to come up and then lie down in Child’s Pose to catch your breath (Some people may experience a sense of vertigo with these types of chest openers).

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