These Are 3 Of The Best High-Protein Post-Workout Snacks

by | Jul 5, 2016 | Food & Nutrition

Hands up if you get ‘hangry’ post-workout?

We’re talking about those intense cravings you get for carbs, fat and sugar. Good news – there’s a way to combat those munchies.

When it comes to that posts-workout snack attack you need to understand exactly what your body needs (FYI a slice of cake just won’t do). Usually you need to refuel with foods that repair muscle fibres and replenish glycogen levels. For best results, you should be eating a high-protein and carb snack 15-30 minutes after your workout. So, not sure what you should grab? Here are three hunger-busting snacks that will fill you up.

1. Proats

Post-workout proats

Oats is one of the most filling foods you can eat, say University of Sydney researchers. It’s a great source of protein and carbs but after a hectic workout you might need to up the ante. To boost your protein, mix a scoop of protein powder like Wazoogles Superfood into 40g porridge.

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2. Spinach scramble

Post-workout omlette

Eggs are a staple food, packing around six grams of protein each. To whip up a delicious post-workout scramble simply sauté onion, spinach and red pepper, then scramble in four whites and one yolk. Season to taste. A quick fritatta will also give you the protein punch your body needs to recover. Enjoy!

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3. Cheese on cheese

Post-workout cheese

Cheese is packed full of protein which makes it the perfect re-fuelling snack. So, what’s the best cheese to eat post-workout? One that’s low in ‘bad’ fat, of course. If you’re not keen on eating a plain ball of mozzarella try this: diced tomato into a 150g tub cottage cheese and top with a sprinkling (not a handful!) of Parmesan. It’ll give you the perfect fat to protein ratio.

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