3 Signs Your Office Bestie Is Making You Fat

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Weight Loss

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Talk about a desk disaster!

We’ve all got an office fave, but what if yours is actually making you fat? Here, the subtle signs – and how to fix the problem without messing up the vibe.

She’s making you fat: The junk-food pusher

About a third of dieting employees say their colleagues influence them to eat more or to choose less healthy options – we’re looking at you, biscuit-toting meeting leader.

The Fix: We eat twice as much when food is in our direct line of sight, according to research by Dr Brian Wansink, author
 of Slim By Design. So, seat yourself at the conference table as far away from that plate of biscuits as possible or map your route to the ladies’ room to avoid strolling past the sugary freebies at reception.

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She’s making you fat: The obese colleague

If just one of your office buds is obese, your own risk doubles. Gasp.

The Fix: Plan ahead to treat yourself at least once a week. “If you feel like you’re constantly missing out, it’s going to start seeming like deprivation and can lead to mindless overindulging later,” says dietician Jennifer Bruning.

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She’s making you fat: Your work wife

We eat 30 percent more, on average, when we’re with another person, notes Wansink. That’s because we tend to mimic our companion’s order and then linger, getting dessert or picking at the plate when we’re no longer hungry – all while chatting, so we pay less attention to what (and how much) we’re eating.

The Fix: Pack your own lunch and then convene with friends in the conference room or chill area rather than eating over your desk, so you’re still breaking bread socially.
 A recent study in the journal Obesity found that people who noshed pre-packaged, portion-controlled meals for lunch and dinner dropped more kilos than those who relied on other methods. If you do go out, make a pact with your lunch crew to splurge one day a week but eat healthily the rest.

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