3 Workouts That Actually Make Great Dates!

by | Nov 25, 2016 | Fitness, Sex & Love

Photography by Jonathan Taylor

Because the pair that sweats together stays together.

Not all sweat sessions make for great dates, for the obvious reasons… but these three workouts will help you feel the burn and the love.

1. Weight circuit

Why it’s date-worthy
A fun routine in which you each pick two moves – and both do all four – allows you to lift weights together, but at your own speed. For each move, do as many reps as possible in 60 seconds and keep going for 15 minutes. Bonus: you’ll have time to continue the date post-gym…

Use caution
Don’t lift heavier weights just to impress him, says strength and conditioning specialist Rachel Cosgrove, author of The Female Body Breakthrough: The Revolutionary Strength-Training Plan for Losing Fat and Getting the Body You Want.

Pro tip
Keep track of how many reps you each do of every exercise during the first round. Then challenge each other to beat that on round two.

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2. HIIT classes

Why it’s date-worthy
Dark room + sweat + good tunes + club lighting = a totally sexy vibe. Plus it’s good to shake things up from the bar scene to the health scene. Try S.W.E.A.T. 1000 or Switch: these boutique gyms offer structured classes, so you don’t have to think about yourself and be self-conscious, you just go for it – while high-fiving and motivating each other to push through.

Use caution
Date jitters may cause you to tense your shoulders or forget about your form. Just relax and focus on keeping your core tight, which will help unclench the rest of your body naturally.

Pro tip
These classes usually get crowded – arrive early so you can snag side-by-side mats and treadmills.

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3. Yoga

Why it’s date-worthy
Yoga helps you connect with yourself and each other. Physically, your breath and heartbeats will be in sync.
 It also allows you to be present and focused, leaving any preconceived ideas behind. Plus, suggestive postures can get you in the mood – ahem, bridge! Open those chakras!

Use caution
Don’t try too hard or let your ego get the best of you. This is not the moment to attempt crow pose for the first time! Know where you’re at and what you’re capable of. That said, if you do topple over, just remember you’re in a non-judgemental space, so laugh it off and carry on.

Pro tip
You’re going to be bending and stretching into all kinds of positions, so make sure you wear gear that is not restrictive.

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Dress code

The perfect gym-date outfit is one that plays up your best features but isn’t overly revealing. Try the one-sexy-thing rule. For example: if you have fabulous legs, wear short-shorts and a long-sleeve tee. If you want to show off your cleavage, choose a low-cut tank, but
 pair it with long tights.

What to do afterwards

Showering kills the mood (unless you’re doing it together, hey-o!). Instead, try one of these come-as-you-are post-workout spots to keep 
the good times rolling.

Juice bar
Pick a drink made with pomegranate, avocado or banana – all have been found to help boost arousal.

Health cafe
Think cosy and casual with food options that won’t negate your workout. Some
 of our faves are Scheckter’s RAW in Sea Point, Cape Town, The Grove Green Café in Parktown North, Joburg, Fresh Earth Café in Emmarentia, Joburg and NU Health Food Cafés in Cape Town, Joburg and Umhlanga.

Food market
Fitsters are the new hipsters! Besides, if conversation dwindles you can always check out the organic bananas and aubergines (who needs emojis?).

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