4 Reasons Why You Should Work Your Butt

by | May 11, 2016 | Fitness

The harder your butt works, the better your body, inside and out.

Here are just four more reasons to fire up that booty…

It’ll Give You A Shapelier behind

You can squat for days, but if your glutes aren’t fully activated, that rear view ain’t likely to change. To build a perkier seat, glutes need to be turned on – and challenged (put down the paper weights!). “Your muscles should get bigger and stronger due to overload,” says Panariello. It’s like the difference between running and sprinting. If you’re struggling to get them fired up, try these pre-workout moves to warm-up your butt.

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You’ll Have Less Back Pain

Your glutes help hold down the fort on rotating your hips and legs while supporting your pelvis during daily movements and exercise. When your glutes aren’t firing properly, your lumbar spine (that’s where it curves in slightly towards your abdomen) will take on more stress, says Panariello. The likely result: an unhappy lower back.

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Eased Knees

Weak glutes can cause your knees to collapse inward when your foot hits the ground (eg, while running), which may place pressure on your kneecaps. Doing so repeatedly can lead to runner’s knee or IT band syndrome (pain throughout the tissue that covers your outer thigh from your hip to just below the knee), which can be a bitch to cure.

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A Straighter Posture Is A Payoff

A strong butt helps keep your hips – and whole body – in alignment, says strength coach Michael Boyle. Underactive glutes often create an imbalance with the front side of your body, leaving your hip flexors overactive and tight, which pulls your pelvis forward. This can lead to back pain and can also curve your spine, so you look like you have a boep. Uh, no thanks.

Looking for more fun ways to get your bum into action? Twerk yourself fit with 4 bootylicious moves from our Next Fitness Star finalist, Takkies. What Type Of Butt Do You Have? Find Out Here!

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