5 Eco-Friendly Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life

by | Nov 21, 2016 | Sex & Love

Photography by James Garaghty

Your ‘O’ zone sex kit, sorted!

It’s time to spring-clean your sex drawer. Don’t have one? Start your collection with these eco-friendly, self-loving tidbits of hedonism and health. It’s a pleasure…

1 Get rubbed up

Get your partner to show your muscles some love with Wiccy Magic Muscles (R120, Lush). All natural, the massage bar melts at body temperature – just like chocolate. Use the knobbly side for a rougher feel.

2 Lubricate

This Sacred Love All Natural Intimate Lubricant & Sensual Massage Oil (R275, Faithful-to-nature.co.za) is 100 percent edible, made from organic ingredients and safe to use during pregnancy.

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3 Love your tatas

Eli & You Breast Massage Oil (R105, Faithful-to-nature.co.za) is made with organic plant infusions and essential oils to help stimulate and enhance lymphatic circulation.

4 Power-up the pelvic floor

An ancient practice, using a Yoni Egg (R620, Faithful-to-nature.co.za) regularly can increase natural lubrication and stimulate your vaginal reflexology points. Did someone say natural facelift?

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5 Heavy breathing

… Needs fresh breath! Give your mouth some Oral Pleasure Tantric Toothy Tabs (R125, Lush). Simple nibble one tab between your teeth, then start brushing. Rinse and get smooching.

6 Good vibes

Cut your carbon footprint by investing in an Ooh By Je Joue Rio Pleasure Kit (R1 914, Matildas.co.za). Instead of multiple vibrators, you only need one motor with a variety of add-on shapes. This kit features a clitoral stimulating pebble and a more classic vibrator for internal pleasure. Instead of batteries, you can simply charge via USB. Plus, waterproof. Let the fun begin…

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