5 Major Mascara Mistakes We Bet You’ve Made At Least Once

by | Sep 4, 2014 | Make-up

by Helen Clemson; Photography by Flickr

Become a mascara master!

Those lashes can be so tricky, right? One day you create fierce, fluttery lashes and the next they’re a clumpy mess. Hey, it happens. Avoid these common mascara blunders, and you’ll never have to deal with clumping or smudging again.

Mistake #1: Layering too much 

Welcome to ‘clumpville’, population: you. Think more is more? When it comes to mascara, no, it’s definitely a case of less is more. If you add too many layers, your mascara actually dries mid-application. And that’s how it clumps and looks thick and lumpy.

The fix: It’s all about patience. Wait for your mascara to dry a bit before you reapply. That’s because you need some grip to apply additional layers without getting clumps.

Mistake #2: You pump it up

Often find than your brand new mascara dries up after a week? Umm, well if you pump your mascara wand in and out of the tube then you could totally be to blame #sorrynotsorry. By pumping the wand in and out of tube, you’re pushing air into the bottle. And air in the tube equals a flaky look on your lashes.

The fix: Rather just swirl the wand around in the tube – it’ll coat the bristles all over and won’t dry out the tube.

Mistake #3: You hoard your tubes 

Mascara unfortunately attracts germs, and could lead to redness, itchy lash lines and even pink eye.

The fix: Buy a new tube every couple of months.

Mistake #4: You’re not using the right wand

Your mascara just isn’t getting the job done? The reason it’s not delivering on it’s promise of extra length or thicker lashes is because you’re actually using the wrong wand not the wrong formula.

The fix: Find a wand that works for you and stick with it.

Mistake #5: You always end up with mascara on your lids 

Often end up with mascara on your lids? It may be because you’re applying it too hard.

The fix: Press on lightly at the base so your skin doesn’t end up looking messy. Do you see mascara on the mid to ends of your lashes but not at your roots? Carefully wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes and swipe through. Getting pigment right at the base of the hair creates the illusion of length.

Looking for more mascara tips? Here are three must-follow mascara commandments for flirty lashes, plus the lowdown on mascara and germs that could be lurking on your wand. Check out our Jan/Feb issue for the latest and greatest in mascaras.

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