These 4 Yoga Poses Improve Mood By Adjusting Your Brain Chemicals

by | Jul 11, 2011 | Fitness

It’s one thing to put your feet behind your head. It’s another to get inside it…

“By stimulating certain glands, yoga causes your brain to release mood-altering chemicals,” yoga instructor Sara Ivanhoe says. Do these poses to balance your mind and body. For all, hold the position for a few breaths, release, and repeat.

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Bored: Downward Dog

Do a classic downward dog or a half-handstand. Place your hands on the floor about shoulder-width apart, your feet toward a wall. Walk your right leg up the wall, followed by the left. Keep your back aligned, legs parallel to the floor, so your body looks like an inverted L.

Blue: Camel

Kneel with your legs hip-distance apart, toes pointing back. Draw your belly in and drop your tailbone down. Place your hands on your lower back and squeeze your elbows together. Lift your chest up and lean back, moving your hands to your heels.

Frazzled: Squat

It grounds you by rooting your feet to the floor, and it also relaxes your stress-harboring back. With palms in prayer pose and with your feet wider than hip-width apart, turn your toes out 45 degrees and squat. Lift your chest up as your tailbone drops down.

Insecure: Warrior II Pose

This takes up lots of space and makes you feel bigger. With feet wide apart, extend your arms to the side. Turn your right foot out and left foot forward. Bend your left knee 90 degrees and look over your left leg. Switch legs, repeat.

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