5 Reasons You Really Need To Be At Fit Night Out

by | Jun 15, 2023 | WH Promotion & Events

Picture this: a sea of people, all like-minded, who love to have fun while moving their bodies, all dancing along to the trainer on a mega stage, fitted with flashing lights and pumping music. That’s Fit Night Out, the biggest fitness event to hit SA shores. And there are myriad reasons to join in on the action and be at Fit Night Out. 

1. You’ll get moving 

Whether you’ve been in a fitness slump or are just keen to see something truly different, this is the place to be. There’ll be workouts and techniques you’ve never tried before. Plus, researchers at Columbia have found that trying new things – like a new workout – can prime your brain positively for adapting to change. Win-win! And get your smartwatch ready to track the kilojoules you’ll burn – enough to kickstart your journey into wellness. 

2. You’ll be inspired 

Each activation area has been thoughtfully curated to bring you the best and latest in fitness and health developments. You’ll learn new things about the industry and take home ideas and buckets of motivation to keep you moving forward. 

3. You’ll be with like-minded people 

People who like to move, dance and celebrate their bodies and what they can do. Plus, research shows that working out in a group setting can motivate you to push further. Research also shows that working out in a group setting leads to higher feelings of enjoyment and a feeling of togetherness. And who knows? You might meet your new running or gym bestie at FNO. Now that’s a love story. 

4. You’ll get a swag bag 

Not only will you be rewarded for your efforts in endorphins, but there’ll also be a goodie bag with the latest issue of the magazine, a limited-edition FNO workout shirt, a water bottle, snacks and loads of other goodies. Expect to head home with tons of other treats too, from the various activation stations dotted around the arena. 

5. You’ll have fun! 

This is not a boot camp, where you’re pushing yourself for fear of your trainer. Move at your own pace, dip in and out of workouts, jive when you feel the vibe, and relax when you need a breather. This event is all about having as much fun as possible while celebrating the amazing things your body can do for you! Researchers also found that when exercise is perceived as fun, the reward centres in the brain ping away. So that good mood you’ll have after FNO? That’ll be all the fun you’ve been having.  

6. BONUS: You’ll have access to ace apparel 

PUMA, the high-tech sportswear brand that brings the best in activewear, will be there as our headline sponsor. They’ll be bringing the heat with the latest in workout gear that’ll be available for you to shop to your heart’s content. And we’ve partnered with Totalsports to bring you the ace selections from their collection, too! 

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