6 Foods That Could Become Extinct – Thanks Climate Change!

by | Dec 2, 2016 | Food & Nutrition

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The age old adage that too much of a good thing is bad, did not take into account that, that “good thing” could cease to exist thanks to climate change.

Business Insider compiled a list of foods that could become scarcer and as a result more costly as climate changes affect the environments of plants and animals. Sadly, rising sea levels to high temperatures are jeopardising some of the most popular and delicious foods that we’re come to enjoy.

Not just one or two foods are at risk, but several of them are. With the hotter weather and natural disasters becoming frequent, here are the seven foods that could grow more expensive and eventually disappear altogether thanks to climate change. For real…


A report from the non-profit Climate Institute concluded that the area around the world fit for coffee production would decrease by 50% due to climate change. Oh no! Besides drought, climate change has made coffee crops more susceptible to diseases like coffee rust.


Hot weather has affected the growth of hops used in beer production, and droughts could mean less tasty drinks. Climate Watch Magazine reported that some brewers fear that a shortage of river may force them to brew with groundwater.


Love attending those oyster festivals? Right now, climate change is actually helping oysters,as they grow faster in warmer waters but warmer waters also make oysters more vulnerable to oyster drills, reports Seeker.

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Yes, even this beloved tasty fruit, with prices already increasing. Why? Hot weather and droughts have caused problems everywhere from California to Australia. They are weather-sensitive and slow growing which makes them vulnerable to the effects of climate change.


Say it ain’t so! Historical ideal climates for growing cocoa beans in Indonesia and Ghana, are seeing decreased yields of cocoa and chocolate companies, like Mars, have even hired meteorologists to study the impact in an attempt to try reduce the damage. This may influence both the supply and quality of the taste we’re come to know and love.

Maple Syrup

A stack of pancakes with maple syrup drizzle… yet another thing that we could say goodbye to, sadly.According to Climate Central, southern producers fear that eventually, certain areas won’t get cold enough for maple syrup production, even during the chilliest time of the year.

So drink and eat up while you still can, and hope the climate gods have mercy on us! 

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