6 Incredible Sensations Your Sex Life Is Crying Out For

by | Apr 29, 2016 | Sex & Love

Even couples with the steamiest of sex lives need to switch things up every now and then – and amping up the sensation factor is one of the easiest ways to get freaky with a capital F. “Virtually any kind of sensation can enhance someone’s erotic experience,” says sexologist Dr Carol Queen.

As for figuring out which feels will fire you up fast? Well, you’ll have to do some experimenting. Here are six to get you started.

1. Hot

Heating things up in the bedroom (literally) can actually increase your sensitivity to touch, says clinical psychologist Rachel Needle. It increases blood flow, which makes your skin more responsive to arousal. Try the hot water trick: pre-oral, take a sip of hot (not boiling!) water and swish it around your mouth before swallowing. The warm sensations on your SO’s nether regions will send him over the edge.

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2. Cold

“Temperature play is a great way to stimulate the neuroreceptors under your skin and build sexual anticipation,” says sexologist Dr Carlen Costa. Cold sensations, in particular, can energise your bod and increase your receptiveness to pleasure. Popping a frozen grape into your mouth and dragging it along your partner’s body is an especially appetising move, says Costa. Using cold toys is another surefire way to enjoy the sensation, says psychologist and certified sex therapist Melissa Fogel. Just put a glass dildo or another fave toy in the freezer, then run it under cool water and let the new sensation fill you with joy. (Pun totally intended.)

3. Tingly

Tingling heightens your sensitivity and can make foreplay feel electric, says Fogel. Put a few Pop Rocks in your mouth before going in for a passionate kiss and enjoy as the little sweets explode. You can also try using some toothpaste before performing oral sex. “The coolness and minty sensations are sure to make your partner tingle,” she adds.

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4. Tickling

“Many people have a sexual interest in tickling, and this can be a fun way to add some play – and pleasure – to the bedroom,” says Fogel. Try running your fingers down your partner’s body, paying attention to the areas where they’re more sensitive. Lightly tickle them for a few seconds before returning to rubdown mode. The sensations, along with the anticipation of knowing you might do it again, can be a flirty way to intensify foreplay.

5. Breezy

When a breeze blows across your naked skin, it engages the receptors connected to your body hair – even if you’ve depilated the hair itself, says Queen. Place a fan by the bed so the cool air blows onto your skin as you’re getting it on. “It can be especially erotic if you’re in a very warm room and are a little sweaty,” says Queen.

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6. Spicy

If you’re the adventurous type, spicy sensations can be a mild form of pain play, says Queen. Much like cold, it can jolt you into heightened awareness and sensitise the body. But since you can’t use a safe word with a jalapeño, it’s important to test the sensation on less intense parts of your bod by rubbing a slice of hot pepper on your lips or nipples.

You’ll probably want to avoid your lady parts and his junk altogether. “Oil-based spicy materials will be hard to wash off and the sensation may linger and feel much more intense than you intended or desired,” Queen says. Proceed with caution.

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