6 Oral Sex Tips That Will Blow His — And Your — Mind!

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Sex & Love

By the editors of Women’s Health

Because… Any excuse. Wink.

Consider this your formal invitation to the no-pants dance, where everyone gets their rocks off. Sharing is caring.

1. Get sideways

You don’t have to doggy pile on top of each other. Lie on your sides before going down (or up) on each other or turn up the heat with these saucy positions.

2. Turn a boring sack sesh into a 69 party

Surprise! It’s mutual oral! Bust the 69 move mid-romp to spice things up.

3. Take it slow

Adjust the tempo down a notch when you (and your mouth) need a break, then speed it up again.

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4. Remember: he might be having this thought while he’s downtown…

“It’s okay if you want to keep us down here for a while. But the longer we’re buried between your legs, the more antsy we get for some action of our own. So if you’re not ready to move on, let’s just split the workload and go with a 69. That’s teamwork.” Refer to point 2.

Here’s the lowdown on orgasms:

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5. Try this genius “lip-syncing” trick

Take his hand while he’s going down on you and lick, kiss and suck on the skin and fingertips, showing him how you’d like him to take care of you. It will probably end in an orgasm. We highly recommend. *Wink.*

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6. Use it as a precursor to marathon sex

Try this sex position: cowgirl 69 – then use it as a springboard to the most sizzling, long-lasting sex of your life. Um… Hello orgasm. Or two. Or three.

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