6 Easy Ways to Ease Back Pain — Immediately

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Health

By Jessica Migala; photograph by Ricardo Simal
You don’t need a chiro. Here are six ways to fix the niggles and ease that back pain.
Eighty percent of people will experience back pain in their lifetime. In fact, one in three women is currently in spinal agony. Help is at hand! Study this guide to the surprising triggers and best treatments-so you can outsmart the ache.


Don’t be so quick to blame tech neck. That achy stiffness could be coming from your arms. Weak upper limbs leave muscles taut and unable to contract properly- that spells throbbing and a heightened risk of neck injury (double ouch). Add push-ups and biceps curls to your strength training routine.

Mid- Back

Breathing: it’s the culprit and cure. Quick, shallow inhales and exhales don’t engage the muscles around your central spine, leaving it unsupported and sore. The harm can happen suddenly or over months or years. Your move: practise deep belly breathing until its second nature.

Lower Back

Stuff your already know that isn’t lower lumbar friendly: high heels, excess kilos. But skinny jeans? Nooooo! Their constricting fit alters your stride, which stresses the joints in your back. The good news: you don’t permanently have to shelve your favourite pair; just work looser flare or boyfriend styles into your wardrobe rotation.


Nothing hammers this area like an It Bag-or the wrong bra. If you’re rocking spaghetti-width straps (especially C cups and larger), a small section on each shoulder bears the entire weight if your boobs, causing pain and throwing off posture. Go for thicker (at least 1.5cm) straps.

Upper Pelvis

“Sitting disease “is the new smoking, but a standing desk-as much as we love them-can put pressure on your back’s disks if you’re on your feet 24/7. And if your job has you on your feet all day, that goes for you too! Alternate sitting and standing every half hour if possible, and then stretch for 30 seconds every hour to ease tension where your back meets your pelvic bones.
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