6 Ways To Use Tinder For Travel – Seriously!

by | Oct 7, 2016 | Sex & Love

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Thought Tinder was just a quick route to Shagville? Use the app to get the most out of your next trip abroad – and not in the way you think…
With a heavy travel schedule in 2016 and with many unfamiliar cities on his various itineraries, Ryan Scott turned to Tinder’s extensive network to get some advice on where best to hang out.
“Instead of asking 
to meet up, have
 a drink and get naked, when I matched with 
a woman, I’d ask her for details on the best all-day breakfasts, off-the-beaten track coffee shops, good free Wi-Fi zones, local bars, restaurants and must-do experiences. So far it’s working out really well.”
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Here are some things Ryan learnt after using Tinder while visiting Zurich, Gstaad, NYC and Kingston, Jamaica:
1. Break free of the 160km catchment zone. “Pay the R350 upgrade, which let’s you pre-tinder-match in any city you choose.”
2. “Show some personal interest. But watch out for overshare. I asked, ‘What do you do?’ and the reply was: ‘guys that are tall, not overweight and generous with cash.’”
3. Expect marriage proposals. “I asked
a Russian woman living in Zurich about free Wi-Fi and she said she’d meet me at a great spot near the lake and do
I need a wife?”
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4. Be specific. “A request for a local club in NYC led me to a chess tournament in Brooklyn. Should have mentioned that I meant nightclub.”
5. Expect the unexpected. “A visit to
 a super-cool coffee shop in Zurich surprisingly turned into a cabaret.”
6. Be tall. “Tinder women require
 this the most.”
“It was not all congenial and helpful chat though,” says Ryan. “One match from Switzerland said, ‘Yes, I live in Zurich and I’m searching for a partner here, I’m not your tour guide.’ Another held her info ransom in exchange for a decadent dinner.”
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