7 Quick Fixes For Sun, Sea And Heat Damaged Hair

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Hair

Haircare expert, Dr John Gray, shares his best tips on how to ensure your locks escape the pitfalls of summer…

“The sea, sun, excessive heat, as well as styling product build-up can really take it out of your hair and while you may want to look your best for the summer holidays. There are no quick fixes for hair that has turned dry and brittle due to excessive exposure to the elements. Only by getting to the root of your problems will you enjoy long-lasting healthy hair,” explains Dr Gray.

Moisturise Your Locks

Moisturising your hair is key to its well-being because the sun breaks down protein (keratin) in your locks.

Fix it: By using a leave-in conditioner you can ensure that permanent damage doesn’t set-in.

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Avoid Exposure

Fix it: Nothing says summer like a glam wide-brimmed hat or a quirky fedora. Not only will you look fabulous but you’ll be providing your hair with full protection from the sun’s harsh rays.

UV-Protect Your Hair

Your skin’s not the only part of your body that requires UV protection!

Fix it: Make sure you select haircare products that promise UV protection for your locks.

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Don’t DIY It

Using peroxide, lemon juice or alcohol-based products to give your hair that sun-kissed look may seem like a good idea, but you risk causing the strands of your hair to dry out at a much faster rate, resulting in unsightly damage.

Fix it: Go natural!

Own That “Up-Do”

The ends of your hair are the oldest and therefore more prone to damage and breakage.

Fix it: If you’re planning on spending the day in the summer sun, consider an “up-do” that will look amazing and offer protection to the most delicate part of your locks. Add a split-end serum to your ends before styling.

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Lose The Gel

Some products heat-up at a rapid rate, burning your hair and drying it out.

Fix it: Avoid gels, oils and sheens prior to going out into the harsh summer sunlight.

Put An End To Split-Ends

Fix it: Avoid this hair hazard by making use of products, such as Pantene’s Protect & Shine collection that offers protection.

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