7 Struggles All Adult Women With Acne Understand

by | Jun 21, 2016 | Skincare

By Mary Patterson Broome

To pop or not to pop, that is the ultimate question.

Ah, adult acne. Who would’ve thought this unrelenting burden of puberty would continue to plague us throughout our twenties, thirties, and beyond? Apparently a clogged pore has no mercy. Curing it, cursing it, and covering it up are battles fought on the reg.

Here are seven legit struggles women with acne face against their own face:

1. It’s Freakin’ Hard to Resist the Urge to Touch

There is always an uncontrollable desire to put your finger on the culprit, but why? To remind yourself it’s still there? To warn it that you’re aware of its presence and are not afraid to destroy it if necessary? To see if it has any friends in the vicinity that are also ready to ruin your complexion?

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2. You Agonise Over Whether You Should Pop That Sucker

Anyone with constant zits knows the golden rule: Do not pop them! It can aggravate the offender, cause scarring, create more of them, detonate a small country… The consequences are endless. But when the alternative is walking around as a grown woman with a raging whitehead on your chin, extracting that unsightly bulge always seems worth the risk. When executed easily, it’s oddly satisfying. But let’s get honest with ourselves: It’s very rarely a clean break.

3. Most of Your Money Goes Towards Pricey Skincare Products

You convince yourself that R150 face wash is going to change the course of your life. Throw in the toner, moisturiser, calming mask and magic acne eraser, and next thing you know, your paycheck is gone. Then you ask your friend with flawless skin what products she uses – she casually responds that she lathers her face with an off-brand bar of soap on occasion, and you have to resist physical violence.

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4. You’re Pretty Much Addicted To Concealer

Concealer is your friend… Or is it? One shade off and that pimple is even more obvious than before you applied the supposed camouflage. So you try to top it with a different shade of cover-up and maybe some pressed powder. Then you spend the entire day on high alert to make sure this compilation of beige paint is still in place, which leads to another struggle in itself…

5. Make-up Just Clogs Your Pores Even More

The smart approach would be to let your skin breathe, put on some benzoyl peroxide, and bravely march into the world, bright red bumps and all. But it’s so much easier said than done.

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6. You Avoid Selfies Like the Plague

You definitely won’t be turning the camera on yourself when you’ve got a cluster of zits on your forehead – but who’s to stop your friend or S.O. from snapping away? Once that photo is snapped, you become the Filter Police before this week’s blemish gets a chance to live in infamy on Instagram until the end of time.

7. Sleeping with Someone New During a Fresh Breakout Is So Stressful

It’s that date, the one where you’re ready for your first sleepover. Your make-up (and zit coverage) has been solid all night, but there’s no telling what will be revealed after some bedroom action. Even if that hellacious jawline acne is still hidden when it’s time for bed, you know it’s in your skin’s best interest to wash your face. You don’t, against your better judgment, and hope for the best. (But also: Relax. Dudes actually don’t care about skin perfection.)

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