7 Ways To Outsmart Spring Allergies

by | Sep 26, 2016 | Health

by Carrie Anton
Need. More. Tissues? If you’ve crushed multiple boxes, it might be time to bring in an allergy pro. Just not necessarily the one you think. Use our guide to find your match-then give your sniffles and allergies the boot.
We live in a DIY ear-from blinged-out sneakers and Pinterest inspired table settings to at-home allergy fixes like saline douches and apple-cider vinegar drinks.
But such hit-or-miss “cures” don’t always stop the mucus flow so WH is bringing long-term relief with a legit anti-sneeze squad. First stop? Your GP, who can confirm whether your discomfort is actually caused by an allergy- as opposed to an infection-and dole out OTC or prescription meds (like antihistamines to tame irritated eyes or a steroid nasal spray to reduce inflammation). If you’re still feeling miserable after 10 days. It’s time for reinforcements…
What if you GP couldn’t help? Try the…


This doc will gently prick your skin and apply liquid versions of common triggers to find out exactly what kind of pollen is setting you off (love-hate your, jacarandas and your beautiful, evil purple blossoms). Daily tablets or weekly or monthly allergy shots can help reprogramme your immune system to better tolerate your airborne nemeses.


If meds make you foggy, dry-mouthed, or drowsy, plant-based remedies may help-or even eliminate-allergy misery. OTC pills containing allium cepa (red onion) and belladonna (deadly nightshade) may quell symptoms, but the therapy’s real goal is to bolster your deafness to help you resist allergens over time. For that, a licensed practitioner (some are medical doctors; some aren’t) can suggest drug-free treatments and herbal supplements. Find a homeopath or acupuncturist at ahpcsa.co.za


An ear, nose and throat doctor can ID and treat underlying issues that exacerbate allergies. Targeted antibiotics, for example, can clear up chronic sinusitis (inflammation of the nasal passage). Minor surgery could fix structural issues like a deviated septum (off-kilter cartilage that can further limit airflow) or nasal polyps (irritating noncancerous growths). Find an ENT at ENTSociety.co.za.


Though researchers aren’t quite sure why, studies show that the ancient Chinese practice can help ease itchy eyes, sneezing and congestion, sometimes in a little as one session. Pick one registered with the Allied Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Yoga Therapist

Certified ones can create custom allergy-fighting breathing and stretching routines that are believed to stimulate circulation, digestion and the nervous system-all of which may strengthen your immune system so it can more effectively neutralise what’s circling your schnoz. Ask for a programme you can do at home; you’ll want to practise five times a week for up to six weeks to help get rid of symptoms. To find a yoga therapist, visit Yoga-SA.com, Asanga.org.za and DrMeganMedina.co.za


Tweaking your plate may reduce the inflammation that kicks your symptoms into overdrive. Getting more omega-3 fatty acid-rich salmon and walnuts, as well as fermented foods like kimchi, can nourish the gut, which-get this –is home to nearly 70 percent of your immune system! News you may not like…Your dietician might also advice cutting out frequently inflammatory culprits like sugar, dairy and alcohol. While an initial consultation clocks in at around R500, you could offset the cost with the cash you save on meds. Plus, follow-ups are generally half that. Go to Adsa.org.za.

Mediation specialist

A recent study found frazzled folks often suffer extra postnasal drip and coughing. One theory: 24/7 tension batters your immune system, making it harder for your bod to fight incoming threats. A mediation specialist can record a 10-to 30- minute guided session tailored to your stress and allergy symptoms.
For example, if inhaling through clogged sinuses is impossible, your audio track may suggest breathing through your mouth and focusing on your feet so you don’t freak out about your nose. For more info and to find a specialist in your region, visit JohannesburgMediation.co.za, MediatateInDurban.org and WhiteLotus.co.za.
Work your way to a sneeze-free zone…
For more information on how to outsmart the the sniffles, click here.

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