8 Non-Embarrassing Ways To Ask For What You Want In Bed

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Sex & Love

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We know, it can be awkward to ask for what you want in bed… 

Now that you’ve got the accessories, the Men’s Health guys weigh in on how you should go about asking 
for what you want…

1. “Don’t overthink it. Suggest something one night in the middle of foreplay. Don’t even phrase it as a question, but rather as
a statement,
 like ‘I bought us
 a vibrator and I’d like to try it.’ If I’m about to have sex, this is already hands-down the best part of my day! You’re just making it better.”

2. “Show me an example to get me into it, whether it’s a position you’ve seen or a scene from a movie.”

3. “Early in the day, tell me that you have a surprise later. Don’t reveal it – keep me guessing. Then just do it. Take control! That’s so hot!”

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4. “Over a few drinks, you can mention ‘Have you ever done [insert here]?’ If I seem game, say that we should try it out. But if it involves toys, they should be brand new – and hopefully we shopped online 
for them together.”

5. “I’d really love 
a naughty text out of nowhere, because it would show me that you’re thinking about sex during the day.”

6. “If you tell me you’re interested 
in trying something new, odds are I’d say yes!”

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7. “You shouldn’t
 be tentative.
‘I want [insert here]’ is better than ‘What do you think about [insert here]?’ Being dirty and detailed is even better.”

8. “If I really like you, then there aren’t too many wrong ways for you to suggest new things in the bedroom. I want to know what you like, I’m open-minded and it’s fun to talk about anyway.”

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