8 Ways Grapefruit Can Make Your Skin Seriously Glow!

by | Oct 18, 2016 | Skincare

Sniffing grapefruit before a meal can suppress your appetite! But it can also do some wow things for your skin. 

Grapefruit is the HG (holy grail) in every dieter’s meal plan. So much so that research found that taking a whiff of the bitter stuff before a meal can control your appetite. We kid you not… And now researchers are finding aesthetic benefits of the fruit too. It’s rich in lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. Just half a grapefruit a week, which contains 17mg of lycopene, is all you need for added sun protection. Plus rosemary and grapefruit extract can improve skin’s elasticity.

Give These Rejuvinating Grapefruit Inspired Products A Whirl

1. File this under gross news: only five percent of people wash their hands the right way after they use the bathroom. Wash them the right way with The Caribbean Collection Pink Grapefruit & Mandarin (R55).

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2. Brighten up any dull day with Clarins Jolie Rouge lipstick in 701 Orange Fizz (R320). It’s long-lasting and its shine will give a vibrant make-up result.

3. Invigorate your daily cleanse with some pink grapefruit. Try Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Daily Scrub (R100). Its powerful MicroClear technology cleanses deeply to help eliminate spots and blackheads.

4. Bring a boost of vitamin C to your shower. Try Sorbet Hydrating Body Wash (R45) to soothe and nourish your skin.

5. Citrus polish is a summer must-have. Pair it with a neutral-toned outfit. Try Rimmel in Tangerine Tent (R60).

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6. L’Oréal Paris Mega Volume Miss Hippie Mascara (R150): this burnt grapefruit packaged waterproof mascara is essential for creating long-lasting lashes – anytime, any place.

7. Nothing says fresh like clean hair. Try Co Lab Sheer + Invisible dry shampoo (R72). The formula absorbs oil and refreshes roots with a residue-free finish. Forget a sickly fruity whiff – this one leaves a delightfully light citrus scent.

8. Control an oily face with a nutrient-infused face wash, like Johnson’s Face Care (R37). With grapefruit and lemongrass extracts, it effectively washes away dirt and excess oil.

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