90s-Inspired Bags You’ll Totally Want To Instagram

by | Apr 1, 2019 | Style

‘Old school’ is officially cool. Again.

Hands up if you had a ‘fanny pack’ AKA moonbag growing up? Remember how all the cool kids used to style them with crop-tops, Spice Girl platforms or checked skirts à la Clueless? Well, let your inner teenybopper rejoice because the humble moonbag is back baby! And FYI — totally acceptable to wear in public as an adult.

But hold up.

Before you head to your parents’ garage to dig your moonbag out of storage, just know that the 90s-staple has had a *little* style makeover. They’ve evolved from that cutesy tween bag (and let’s be honest, naff tourist essential) into a fashionable accessory that’s walked down the catwalk in every print, colour and texture this season.

Read on for all the belted styles we’d be happy to wear over and over (and over) again.

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