5 Causes Of Abnormal Vaginal Odour Every Woman Should Know About

by | Mar 28, 2019 | Health

Ugggggh – what’s that smell? Vaginal odour is mostly normal, but not always. Here, the low-down on what constitutes abnormal vaginal odour, and what’s causing it, from Dr Christine Kriel.

Bacterial vaginosis

Infections can cause abnormal vaginal odour. One, bacterial vaginosis, is a common infection caused by a disruption to your vaginal pH and microbiome (say, for example, from douching, or using vaginal deodorants or other irritating products).

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The most common complaint is a thin grey-white discharge and vaginal itch. Associated symptoms include a fishy smell, especially after sex and during your period. Treatment is a course of antibiotics. Note: This condition shouldn’t be left untreated, as it can cause complications like pelvic inflammatory disease and premature labour.


The second condition is a sexually transmitted infection (STI), called trichomoniasis. It occurs anything between four to 28 days after intercourse, and symptoms include a yellow-green discharge, painful urination, a pungent vaginal odour, red and inflamed vaginal walls, and pain and bleeding after sex. Treatment is an antibiotic (a single dose or a course) – and your partner needs to get treated too!

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Good to know: Candida, a yeast infection caused by bacterial overgrowth, is the most common vaginal infection, but it shouldn’t cause vaginal odour. Patients usually complain of vaginal itch and cottage-cheese-like discharge, and treatment involves an intravaginal or oral antifungal.

Rectovaginal fistula, and certain cancers

A serious (but rare) condition causing vaginal odour is a rectovaginal fistula (a tunnel between the vagina and rectum that causes leakage of faeces into the vagina). This is a complication of pelvic surgery, complicated child birth, Crohn’s disease or radiation in the pelvic area. Vaginal cancer is another rare cause, mostly associated with immunosuppressive conditions like HIV.

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Cervical cancer may cause vaginal odour. It’s caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), an STI, and is detected by routine Pap smears. Doctors can now test for high-risk HPV, which means earlier detection of pre-cancer lesions… and less frequent Pap smears. Great news for those of us who dread that particular check-up. Ask your doc for more info.

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