These Are The Abs, Thigh And Butt Moves Sbahle Mpisane Swears By

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With close to 1 million followers on Instagram, Sbahle ‘FitnessBunnie’ Mpisana, is definitely #goals. She’s got it all: brains, beauty, a sparkling personality and killer abs to match! We chatted to the Insta-star to find out how she stays fit and healthy, and why she loves FNO!

It’s all about the abs, butt and thighs.

Everyone wants a tight core and tone stomach, and Sbahle has exactly that. Sbahle works out a different body part or group of muscles, everyday. Wednesdays are specifically reserved for abs. Her fav moves work her main abdominal muscles, especially her lower tummy. Some of her go-to moves include knee to elbow sit ups, mountain climbers and side bridges. Besides having amazing abs, Sbahle has a killer lower body. With a toned butt and sculpted thighs, she’s a powerhouse. Having a look at her Instagram page, you can see she loves working on her lower body, from lunges, jump squats, donkey kicks and everything in-between.

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Balance is key

Looking at Sbahle, you’d think that she never has a cheat day- wrong. “I’m a junkie at heart. I always reward myself with a snack if i know I ate 80% healthy through out the day as well attended gym”, she says. Her 80% healthy eating include 5 meals per day, all having a balance of fibre, protein, fats and carbs. “With all the training I do, a balanced meal plan for me is key because it keeps me energized, happy, full, on track with my diet, minimizes my chances of cheating on the run and helps with muscle recovery and growth”, she says. One day on her meal plan is as follows:

Meal 1: Smoked salmon, eggs, tomatoes, and a slice of bread.

Meal 2: Grapefruit

Meal 3: Tuna salad

Meal 4: Cottage cheese and crackers

Meal 5: Fish, roasted carrots, broccoli and rice

Egg White and salmon ??

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After spending 80% of her time eating clean, Sbahle treats herself to a warm custard danish or pasta and “some juice of course”.  When it comes to staying motivated, she says it important to remember why you started and making the connection with your motivation.

Why Group Fitness REALLY Works

“Group training is beneficial because it helps you to stay motivated throughout your workout”, explains Sbahle. She adds that group fitness is great for beginners as it gets them into the groove of training, guides and introduces you to different training routines before changing what work for them. “Seeing the person next to you go on, helps you to push even harder because we are naturally competitive like that and that’s healthy competitiveness” she explains.

And the reason she loves FNO?

“The different vibe people bring with them, the good energy! It’s such a magically night and I can only wish nights like that upon everyone at least once in their lives. I love how the program continues running nonstop with a variety of exercises, different trainers and good music to help you loose yourself in the moment”, she exclaims.

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Want to workout with Sbahle, Mapule and other amazing fitfluences?

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