These May Be The Most Addictive Foods, According To Science

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Weight Loss

Are you skittish when it comes to cake because you’re scared you might eat the whole thing? Do you keep caving into your craving and then have ensuing feelings of guilt? It could be that you need to exercise your discipline and will power – or you could be genuinely addicted.

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How many times have you joked that you can’t get enough red velvet cake? In fact, you may have even said you’re addicted. We’ve all claimed to be hooked on certain foods, but in reality, food addiction is an issue with serious consequences. It’s not simply polishing off an entire slab of chocolate in one sitting – it’s unmindfully eating three. It’s a problem where you consciously and continuously think, worry and plan your life around food.

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Worried you have a problem. Take heed of the foods listed below – and our pick of healthier alternatives. According to the journal PlosOne, these may just be the most addictive foods…

1. Chocolate

Replace the unhealthy slab with a spoonful of healthy Buttanutt Spread Macadamia Cocoa, R69.95 at Dis-Chem

2. Ice Cream

Rather make your own popsicles. Bonus: You get to decide on the ingredients you use – make sure they’re healthy, and pop one in your mouth when the ice cream craving hits. Get ZOKU Round Pop Molds at Faithful To Nature.

3. Fries


Invest in an Air Fryer, like this one from Faithful To Nature – it’s a quick, convenient, healthy new way to prepare your fave foods without any added oil. We’re looking at you fries, pizza and chicken wings…

4. Pizza


Rather make your own base and add your own toppings. Pile on the salads and veggies and keep the greasy additions to a minimum – or leave them out altogether. Get Orgran Pizza & Pastry Mix at Dis-Chem.

5. Biscuits


If you simply can’t do without an afternoon biscuit with your tea, at least opt for brands that pack less sugar, like Nairn’s dark chocolate chip oat cookies, available at Dis-Chem.

And It Doesn’t End There…

The above offenders were just the first five on the list. They’re followed in quick succession by: chips, cake, buttered popcorn, cheeseburgers and muffins.

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