3 ‘Adventurous’ Sex Moves You Need To Try At Least Once In Your Life

by | Nov 21, 2014 | Sex & Love

By Faye Brennan

This is serious Bucket List stuff

Bungee jumping, surfing in Hawaii, shopping in New York… We all have dreams that get our hearts racing. So how about bringing some of that adventure into the bedroom?

1. Try “no-thrust” sex

Hop into bed and do the exact opposite of what instinctively unfolds. “Basically, he enters you and there’s a lot of kissing, caressing and touching – without any pelvic thrusting,” says sexologist Dr Rachael Ross.

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This slow-burn technique, used in tantric sex, is still erotic enough to give you an orgasm (“Your vagina will start to rhythmically contract,” says Ross), and it reconnects you as a couple, reminding you that sex is about more than pounding away and going to sleep.

2. Use the most advanced sex toy ever

Make room in your top drawer! The Icon Brands’ Zuma Vibe (no, it’s not named after Jacob) is a vibrator that has two separate motors to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and G-spot. There are other perks too: the material warms to your body temperature so it won’t feel cold against your skin, and it’s ergonomically designed to avoid hand and wrist cramps (yours or his). Get yours for R1 402 at Shopping.all4women.co.za.

3. Give him icy oral

Add an unexpected element to your mouth routine by having ice on hand before you go down on your guy. Play with an ice cube in your mouth and let the sexual tension build. Then, perform oral like you usually would, and take the ice cube down his shaft.

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When you come back up, swirl it around his tip with your tongue. The element of surprise is what makes it such a turn-on, and it wakes up his nerve endings in a completely different – and pleasurable – way. It’s like jumping from a jacuzzi back into a pool.

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