5 Reasons Why Old-School Aerobics Is Still The Best Workout

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Inge Viljoen, Women’s Health Next Fitness Star, swears by aerobics and this is why you should too…

When you picture aerobics it’s all colourful retro outfits, sweatbands and leg warmers, but there’s more to it that this funky look. We had a chat to Inge about why exactly aerobics is so great for you.

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Inge is a personal trainer and works out six out of seven days a week for an hour. Her infectious energy is definitely fuelled by this intense routine. Inge adds that aerobics is a great workout because it’s a mix of cardio and bodyweight exercises that can really help with weight loss or weight management.

It always puts her in a great mood and, what’s more, aerobics is so much fun you don’t even realise you’re working out. Her megawatt smile says it all, but here are a few more reasons why old-school is still cool.

Aerobics Benefit No. 1

The increased exercise gets the blood moving and your heart pace will increase. This improves circulation and means that you will have a lower, healthier resting heart rate. This also improves muscle health as more oxygen will travel to these working body parts and essentially wash out lactic acid build-up, reducing muscle pain and stiffness.

Aerobics Benefit No. 2

Weight loss! Because aerobics is a mix of cardio and bodyweight workouts, it has the benefit of both worlds. Cardio burns that extra fat that just doesn’t want to say buh-bye and bodyweight workouts tone and build muscle. I mean look at Inge’s body, #goals or what.

Aerobics Benefit No. 3

Build a better immune system. That’s right, studies have shown that regular workouts improve your chances of avoiding those nasty flus and colds. Steer clear of an itchy throat with a few weekly aerobic workouts thrown into the mix.

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Aerobics Benefit No. 4

Have you ever noticed how fitness pros, like Inge, are just bouncing with energy and they always seem happy? Ever wondered what it is? Nope, it’s not drugs; it’s actually just another benefit of getting up and moving. The extra blood and oxygen flow will literally get you pumped and ready for any challenge that might come your way. Plus, exercise releases endorphins that give you that post-exercise high. They reduce stress, anxiety and depression, so definitely a good reason to get moving after a hard day at the office.

Aerobics Benefit No. 5

Finally, if you have trouble sleeping at night then aerobics may be the answer you’ve been looking for. A solid workout definitely equals a good night’s rest. The reduced stress and physical exhaustion will aid in a deeper, longer sleep. And who doesn’t sleep well knowing they got in a good workout today?

Put On Those Leg Warmers And Try It

If you’re feeling inspired to get your aerobic workout on, then here are a few tips from Inge on starting out. As a beginner it’s important to start easy and build it up. Make sure you warm up before working out. This can be anything from jogging on the spot, kicking your butt to jumping jacks. Start with two to three sessions a week and then increase it to four to five when you’re feeling up to it. Make sure you remember to cool down with some stretches and focus on your breathing.

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