We Tested More Affordable Luxe Workout Gear — And It’s Great!

by | Apr 25, 2019 | Fitness, Style

Nothing gets you pumped up for a workout like gorgeous new fitness gear. Sadly, nothing depletes your bank balance quite like it, either. So when we saw that Hi-Tec had a new range of affordable fitness gear that looked super hot, we had to put it to the training test. Here’s how it held up.

High-Intensity Sweat Test

Will It Handle Burpees And Box Jumps?

Tester: Fitness ed, Wanita Nicol

“The day I got the gear to test coincided with high-intensity interval day on my gym programme. That means a lot of jumping around and a bucketload of sweat. If tights are prone to slipping or seams to chafing, this is the kind of workout that’ll show them up.

“I immediately loved the boxy fit of the Hi-Tec LEO Classy Tee. A boxy tee is one of my favourite styles for working out because the loose fit makes it easy to move without feeling restricted, but the cropped length means it doesn’t hug my tummy rolls like, say, a regular T-shirt would. I was a little concerned that the fabric would get very wet during a sweaty workout, though.

“I liked the high waistband of the Hi-Tec Walk-Me 3/4 leggings and that they were a bit longer than the standard 3/4 length (they’re more like 7/8). But the fabric was very soft and I worried I might be sacrificing staying power for comfort. A pair of Hi-Tec Meridian trainers completed the outfit.”

affordable workout gear

Classy Tee R349 + Walk-Me Leggings R499 + Meridian trainers R699 = R1 547 for the whole outfit

The Verdict

“I was dripping sweat by the end of my workout, but I was amazed to find there wasn’t a wet patch on my T-shirt to show for it. The Classy Tee has a mesh panel in the back for ventilation and the loose fit also helps circulate air, keeping you from overheating and the top from turning into a wet rag.

“The tights stayed put through squats, broad jumps and everything else I threw their way and the fabric felt delightfully soft – no scratching or chafing.

“The shoes were a little broad for me – if you have narrow feet, wear thicker socks – and I wouldn’t run in them, but they had good stability in jumps and lunges. I’m a big advocate of investing in fabric technology because it really does make a difference to your training, so it’s great to find these qualities in affordable workout gear.”


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Stretch Test

Is It Flexi Enough For A Yoga Class?

Tester: Art director, Leigh Cann

“At first glance I thought the outfit was very nicely colour coordinated. I’m not usually a pink person, but I liked the dusky pink with the grey. So I thought the outfit looked good as a whole and like something I would wear, not just for exercise, but out, say, shopping,” says Leigh.
It still had to pass the movement test, though, so she wore it to a yoga class. The yoga Leigh does involves a lot of pretzelling into weird and wonderful poses, so she needs workout gear that can handle a serious stretch.
affordable workout gear

Walk-Me Crop Top R399 + Ballerina jersey R399 + Floral leggings R549 + Jayhawk II Lux shoes R799 = R2 146 for the whole outfit

The Verdict

“The Hi-Tec Floral leggings are really great. Not all lycra is created equal and I loved these because they kind of ‘keep everything together’ – not showing every lump and bump! I really loved that they stayed up during yoga as well, with a nice high waist that stayed in place.
“The Walk-Me crop top is snug and comfy. And the Ballerina jersey is super-comfortable, and perfect for slipping on over your crop after a yoga sesh.
“The Jayhawk II Lux shoes are comfortable and I love the colours, which mach the rest of my outfit, in soft greys and pinks. Altogether a perfect and affordable outfit for yoga!”

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