All The Things We Loved About Fit Night Out Joburg

by | Aug 16, 2023 | WH Promotion & Events

It’s been a few days since Fit Night Out Joburg—an unforgettable night where women joined forces to revel in the sheer joy of moving our bodies, each dance step and yoga pose a radiant celebration of our strength and vitality! And there are so many reasons we’re still sharing videos and photos of the event at Waterfall City, Mall Of Africa – because it was so awesome! The best part? It felt like summer in the heart of winter and we still rocked out all day long. 

All The Fit Night Out Joburg Energy 

We may have put on the show, but Johannesburg showed up and made it the event it was – pure workout party spirit that went on all evening long. Over 2 000 women moving along together and having the time of their lives? That’s what we live for! 

Those PUMA Hats 

woman taking a photo with a pink PUMA cap

As far as the eye could see were Barbie-pink PUMA hats that kept us protected from the sun all day long. We even gave away some PUMA merch along the way and the crowd was absolutely thrilled! 

Customisation By Totalsports 

customisation by Totalsports

The longest queue, barring the one to get into the gates? The t-shirt customisation queue at Fit Night Out! Here, you could customise your t-shirt with whatever message you wanted emblazoned on it and it was a massive hit! From names to slogans, anything went. 

The Zoie Health Chats 

Zoie Health stand at Fit Night Out Joburg

At the Zoie Health stand, you could engage in conversations about sexual health and your body. You could shop their selection of products (that multivitamin!), spin a wheel and win prizes and take a photo with meaningful affirmations in their stunning photo booth. 

The Oh So Heavenly Glow

Oh So Heavenly stand at Fit Night Out Joburg

You could hoop your way into a selfie at the Oh So Heavenly stand and win some awesome prizes along the way! 

Supporting I Love Boobies 

I Love Boobies at Fit Night Out Joburg

You could experience the I Love Boobies charity and find out why screening for breast cancer is so important while treating yourself to a temporary tattoo on the day and buying yourself a pair of supportive socks! 

The Body20 360 Selfie! 

Body20 360º selfie at Fit Night Out Joburg

You could get yourself a 360º selfie at the Body20 stand as well as get a full body assessment, valued at R300 – completely for free. You could also experience EMS training first-hand with their experience. 

Row Your Way To Planet Fitness!

Planet Fitness woman biking at Fit Night Out Joburg

When they weren’t on stage taking us through their paces in a musical-inspired workout, we were at their stand taking on rowing and biking competitions to see who could best themselves and win awesome prizes! 

Hydration Station At USN 

hydration station at USN

With USN, you could fuel your body with essential nutrients to keep you going through the series of workouts on the day. And the flavours were incredible, including a Rascals-flavoured Amino drink! 

L’Oreal’s Glow-Up Station

L'Oreal glow-up station at Fit Night Out Joburg

From matching your exact foundation to your skin tone with the Infallible 32-Hour Freshwear foundation to glowing up your hair look, there was enough to take you from drab to fab!  

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