Turn Your Home Into A Gym With This DIY Workout

by | Mar 6, 2017 | Workouts

This home workout, developed by Next Fitness Star finalist Aneeka Buys for Fit Night Out Cape Town, tones your whole body using just a towel and a water bottle.

We’re fans of the gym, but we know that not everyone has access to one. We also know that, even if you do have a gym membership, sometimes working out in the lounge in your pyjamas just seems like a much more attractive option. Well, good news: you don’t need a gym membership to do this full-body workout and score major fat-torching, muscle-toning gains. Better news: The whole thing takes just 30 minutes.

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How It Works

The workout is divided into five combos, each consisting of a strength move and a cardio finisher. The strength moves are designed to target all your major muscle groups, while the cardio moves rev your heart rate. The result: a high-intensity sizzler that’ll burn fat and tone your whole body. What’s more, it uses functional rotational movements to fire up your stabilisers and strengthen your core in the process.

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Ready to feel the burn?

For each combo, do ten reps of the strength move, then 30 seconds of the cardio move, then repeat that combo twice more for a total of three rounds, before moving on to the next combo. Try not to rest until you’ve finished all three rounds of the combo, then rest just long enough to catch your breath before moving on to the next one.

Watch the video and do the workout:


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