3 Foods So Powerful They’re Basically Nature’s ‘Anti-Hunger’ Pills

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Food & Nutrition

Photograph by Russell Smith

Um… What does ‘hangry’ feel like again?

1. Almonds

Packed with protein, monounsaturated fats, vitamin E, fibre, magnesium and phosphorus, they help build muscle and fight cravings.

How to use them
1. For a filling and flavourful snack, mist a baking sheet with cooking spray, toss on a handful of almonds and bake at 200°C for five to 10 minutes. Remove and sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon, or ground red pepper and thyme.
2. Add a handful to your cereal, yoghurt or frozen yoghurt.
3. Toss slivered almonds with chopped cabbage and a little rice vinegar for a crunchy side salad.
4. Coat chicken or fish with crushed almonds instead of breadcrumbs.

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2. Beans and legumes

Consider these little protein and fibre bombs nature’s anti-hunger pills. They’ll also give you a dose of iron and folate and help regulate digestion.

How to use them
1. For a fast, fibre-filled dip, put one cup sugar or string beans, two tablespoons olive oil, a dash of red pepper flakes and one tablespoon chopped fresh parsley in a food processor and pulse until chunky. Serve with raw veggies or or wholewheat pita slices.
2. Forget the jarred stuff and make fresh salsa: mix your favourite beans with corn, diced tomato or even chopped mango or nectarine, then add a little fresh coriander and lime juice.
3. For a meatless treat, substitute beans wherever mince is called for – in tortillas, chilli con carne, soup – to lop off a ton of saturated fat and add fibre.

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3. Eggs

These portable protein sources are your golden ticket to toning up – they help build lean muscle and enhance weight loss, plus they also contain vitamins A and B12.

How to use them
1. Chop hard-boiled eggs and add them to a salad, or stir with a squirt of mustard and plain, fat-free yoghurt to make a low-fat egg salad you can stuff into a pita or wrap.
2. Eggs are a good way to thicken recipes. Swirl one into soup as it simmers to make it more filling, or crack an egg into hot couscous or rice as it’s cooking for a creamy texture.

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