Your April 2024 Sex Horoscope Is Here, And Now’s The Time To Refresh Your Hinge Profile

by | Apr 3, 2024 | Sex

Curious about what your April sex horoscope has in store for you? This month is an astrologically potent month, bringing new beginnings and exciting energy into every zodiac sign’s love life. Whether you’re single, paired up, or somewhere in between, expect quick changes and unexpected new opportunities in your romantic life, says Donna Page, an Atlanta-based astrologer with a graduate degree in counseling psychology.

You can thank the planets, which are busy. April starts with Mercury, the planet of communication, moving retrograde, which can cause communication problems from the 1st to the 24th. Make sure to express yourself clearly across the board, especially when it comes to what you want in life and love, says Page.

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“If you want something, get it. Don’t wait,” says Page. “If you see something on the rack, and you know it will look dynamite on you, get it. If there’s a cutie you like who’s suddenly single, make a move.”

This month is about action, especially as Venus, the planet of love, moves quickly through fiery Aries, coinciding with a solar eclipse on April 8. The month will end on a sensual note with the full moon in deep-thinking Scorpio. “That’s a really intense time. Around the 23rd, [there will be] sexual, sensual energy for everyone,” says Page.

Wondering what all this means for your sign, specifically? Keep reading for your April sex horoscope!


Aries zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: April is all about honesty between you and your partner, even if it’s painful. It’s possible you’ve been sweeping things under the rug lately, or ignoring some larger, looming issues in favour of having a good time. But this is the month to confront these issues head-on. Embrace vulnerability and share your needs openly; your authenticity will only strengthen your bond if you’re with the right person. Then, the full moon on the 23rd will illuminate a deeper intimacy in your relationship. Lean into this, and allow your partner to truly see all sides of you.

Single: This month, you might feel like someone took your life and shook it like a salad. Lean into the unknown during this time, and look for any new people or romantic opportunities that may present themselves during this era of big shifts for you. Remember to be yourself, though, Aries! If you want to connect with someone and create a relationship that will last, you have to be willing to be honest, vulnerable, and clear in your communication. If you put yourself and your heart out there, you’ll likely be rewarded with true romance.


Taurus zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: If it feels like you and bae are acting like roommates lately, it’s time to make a change. While aligning schedules can be hard, prioritise your relationship, intimacy, and the deep connection you share so you can continue to grow as a couple. If you can, take a romantic getaway, just the two of you, to really heat things up (perhaps around the full moon on the 23rd?). Celebrate each other’s accomplishments, and just take the time to truly enjoy one another’s company. This will allow for a better flow of communication, along with more of those sweet romantic moments you crave.

Single: Single Taurus, you’re feeling extra dreamy and romantic in the first few days of April, so use this time to your advantage. Text your crush to make plans, or hop on a dating app to embrace this sweet energy of connection. As April continues, your focus will shift inward as you do the work to truly take care of yourself. Your birthday season is approaching, and it’s time to get real with your goals and self-care routine. Think of what you want from your love life this year, and pay close attention to the people around you. It’s possible a perfect partner is nearby, but you just haven’t realised it yet!


Gemini zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: Gemini, you and your partner are super busy this month, and it’s breathing new life into your relationship. Enjoy this time with the ones you love the most, and savour these events and plans all month long. Even if you’re invited to something you may not normally say yes to, this month is your chance to try new things and really soak up all that life (and your relationship!) has to offer. Mercury, the planet of communication, is retrograde this month, making communication issues pop up for most of the zodiac. As long as you remain calm and prioritise understanding your partner, though, you’ll navigate any bumps easily this month.

Single: Love is in the air, single Gemini, if you open your heart and your eyes. It’s possible you’ll meet a cutie when you’re going about your regular routine, so keep your eyes peeled on your usual commute. You never know where you could bump into someone life-changing. It’s possible the person you connect with may be outside of your normal type, but don’t let that get in the way of what could be a meaningful connection. Leave the past in the past and start fresh down an unexpected romantic path this month, Gemini!


Cancer zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: Get out there and shake things up this month, Cancer! It’s possible you and bae have been hibernating, which is all well and good, but it’s now time to light up your romantic life. Embrace chances to get out and try new things with your lover. Grab tickets to a music festival, plan a swanky date night, or simply grab a mid-day coffee at that place you both love. These experiences can breathe new life into your connection. No matter what you’re doing, enjoy being seen and appreciated as a couple. Trust in the strength of your relationship and allow yourselves to be vulnerable and intimate with each other, especially around the full moon in Scorpio on the 23rd.

Single: It’s time to come out of your shell, single Cancer. While you sometimes shy away from social events, April is calling you into the spotlight. Seize the energy and put yourself out there, whether it’s through a night out with friends or a new workout class. Embrace positivity and tap into your confidence as you navigate the dating scene. You may even meet a friend of a friend who sparks your interest! Be open to new experiences and connections, trusting that the universe has something special in store for you.

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Leo zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: It’s time to get out and explore with your partner, Leo! Start cruising for holiday deals or scanning for an Airbnb in that town you’ve always wanted to visit. While it’s important to stay busy and keep your eyes on your professional and personal goals, enjoying life with the one you love is an equally important pursuit. Make sure you tend to your relationship this month with quality time, fun outings, and expansive conversations. Your bond will only strengthen because of it.

Single: Single Leos, embrace your adventurous spirit this month, get out there, and live it up! You may find yourself traveling a bit this month, either for work or pleasure. If so, keep your eyes open, as the stars point to you finding a fling somewhere outside your usual stomping grounds this month. Enjoy the romantic energy, and stay open – your perfect person might be where you least expect them. Then, the full moon in Scorpio on the 23rd invites you to explore intimacy and connection even deeper. Just be sure to assess what you are looking for in a partner before committing.


Virgo zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: It’s possible you’re experiencing some friction with bae at the beginning of this month, and that’s okay. It’s natural to argue in a relationship; just make sure you keep a cool head and communicate yourself clearly and with love. Being overly nit-picky or bickering too much can be an energy drain, so try to focus on finding balance and fairness in your partnership. The full moon in Scorpio on the 23rd brings intimacy and emotional connection to the forefront, bringing you and your love back together again after any bumps in the road. Be honest and lead with your heart, and you can’t lose, Virgo!

Single: Do you have people in your life that you consider #CoupleGoals, Virgo? Instead of getting down on yourself for not having what others have, try to use the people around you as inspiration. This way, you can be clear on what you’re looking for in a relationship. The solar eclipse on April 8 has you analysing what you want for your future. Whether you’re looking for a house with a white picket fence, a fun travel companion, or something in between, your person is out there – you just need to find them! Use this time to date and share your desires with potential partners, especially around the full moon in Scorpio on the 23rd. Now is an excellent time to meet an exciting connection.


Libra zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: Libra, prioritise open communication and equality this month. Is your relationship feeling balanced? Or are you exhausting yourself, running the show in your relationship while your partner just floats along? Take stock of the labour in your relationship, both emotional and physical, and make sure you feel appreciated. If something’s amiss, it’s important to express this to your partner clearly. Speaking your truth can be scary, but your partner loves you and will appreciate your direct communication. By the time Taurus season arrives on the 19th, you’ll be feeling more grounded in your relationship. Enjoy this time!

Single: Single Libra, it can be tempting to shape-shift into different versions of yourself to please those around you, and you happen to be good at it. But being your authentic self feels so much better, and will serve you in the long run. This Mercury retrograde is bringing back old flames and partnerships that you may not have considered in a while. But just because someone from your past arises doesn’t mean you should slide into your old behavioural patterns. Stay true to yourself and your boundaries this season. Assert yourself and your needs with any potential partners, especially around the full moon on the 23rd. Love is there for the taking, Libra; you just have to be yourself.


Scorpio zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: Teamwork makes the dream work, Scorpio. This is true in life and in your relationship. Embrace the little things with bae this month, like building a desk, cooking a new meal, or trying a new painting class. Bonding over a shared activity is a great way to get closer and support each other in new ways. Use this time to really recommit to one another and embrace your partnership. Then, the full moon in your sign on the 23rd brings out your vulnerable side and is a perfect time to share any fears on your mind. Your partner will appreciate it.

Single: Single Scorpio, opportunities for connection are all around you. You just need to pay attention! When you’re moving about your regular day, see if there’s anyone who catches your eye – whether you’re browsing Woolies or taking a break between sets at the gym. You never know who you’ll meet, and it’s possible that the person you’ve been looking for is right in front of you. Make sure to keep an active social life this April, too! You’re feeling your sensual Scorpio self, and people are noticing you.


Sagittarius zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: This month is all about fun, Sag! Plan a date night for you and bae, where you can really enjoy each other’s company. You’ve been working hard, and now it’s time to enjoy. Passion is turned all the way up, so try new things in and out of the bedroom, Sag. The full moon in Scorpio, an emotional water sign, brings intimacy and introspection into your relationship. Use this time to deepen your bond and get clear about the future together. If you can, maybe plan a little getaway or staycation?

Single: Single Sagittarians, live it up this month! The solar eclipse on the 8th is bringing fun to the forefront of your life. Take yourself on dates, try new classes, meet new people, and open yourself up to romance. This is a time for taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone in the dating scene. Trust your instincts, and don’t be afraid to pursue connections that excite you. The end of the month may have you feeling more reflective, so get some time away if you can and perhaps use it to get clear on your relationship goals.

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Capricorn zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: You’ve been super busy building your career, Capricorn, and you are crushing it! But this month, your home life and relationship need your attention. Check in with the people you love, especially your partner. How have they been feeling while you’re out their ruling the world? Spend some QT together, and connect. When you’re moving quickly between tasks and assignments, it can be hard to connect on a deep level. Take some time this month to do something the two of you love. You’ll end the month on an emotional high, feeling more in sync than ever.

Single: Communication is key this month, single Capricorn. Before you dive into a relationship or situationship, make sure you communicate what you want – and don’t waste your time with people who don’t deserve your energy. Having meaningful conversations with the people you’re dating (or even just flirting with) can lead to deeper connections and intimacy. You’re feeling your sensual side this month, too, so enjoy a sexy date night with one of your suitors!


Aquarius zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: This month, Aquarius, make sure you’re being open and honest with your partner and making your priorities clear. Consider this month a check-in time, when you can make sure everything is running smoothly in your partnership. Talk through any challenges, and take time to remember why you fell for each other in the first place. Now isn’t a time to hide your feelings. Your partner will appreciate your honesty and approach you with the love you deserve!

Single: Single Aquarians, the solar eclipse at the beginning of the month is bringing communication to the forefront. If you’ve been avoiding any uncomfortable convos with your situationships, now is the time to tackle them head-on. Make sure you are being true to yourself when you’re with potential partners: Are you showing your true self? Expressing what you want? Embracing your quirkiness and expressing yourself will only draw the right people closer to you. So long as you stay open to new connections and experiences, too, you will find someone who aligns with your values and needs.


Pisces zodiac or horososcope illustration
Zodiac Illustration by Aya Kakeda

In a relationship: You’re feeling yourself in a major way this month, Pisces, and your partner is loving it. Keep this sexy energy going by planning a fun date night or getaway in April. This is a great time to dream about the future together and just really reignite your spark at home, however that looks for you. Perhaps you break out the lingerie and toys, open up the floor for some deep pillow talk, or both. It’s all up to you – just enjoy bonding with your person this month.

Single: Single Pisces, it’s time to take the bull by the horns! If you want to find love, you can’t spend all of your time journaling about it in your room. Refresh your dating app profile, clean up your space, and put yourself out there. You’re a romantic at heart, and going on fun dates with new people will bring exciting energy into your life. Lean into your romantic side and ask someone on a date this month. You have nothing to lose! The full moon in Scorpio on the 23rd makes for a great time to have intimate and honest conversations, so be sure to be honest with any new love interests, too.

This article written by Jacqueline Tempera was originally published on Women’s Health.

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