Are These Workout Mistakes Ruining Your Skin?

by | Jan 29, 2016 | Fitness

You could be making these skin mistakes when you work out! Save face from “gym skin” with these skincare solutions 

So, you’re off to spinning looking fierce in your crazy-cool printed leggings and sleek new vest. And of course your look isn’t complete without a flawless complexion and perky pony right? Here’s a word of advice fellow gym bunny: we’re all for the perky pony, but lose the make-up. That foundation is probably giving you “gym skin”: congested pores and breakouts around sweaty spots like your hairline or corners of your nose. Our best advice? Ditch the base – and adopt a few healthy skincare habits – and working out will equal a strong body and a clear skin.

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What Not To Wear

The workout wardrobe has thankfully progressed from the days of baggy t-shirts worn over tracksuit pants. But gym apparel has never – and should never – include make-up. Cleanse your skin carefully with a face wash that’s multipurpose – one that whisks away both make-up and dirt that’s collected on your skin during the day. If you work out in the morning, you still need to cleanse; there may be a trace of last night’s make-up still sitting on your skin. Next, hydrate with a lotion or cream in a light texture that pumps moisture into skin but without an oily look or feel. Reach for Solal La Bomb Light (R495) and over that, layer Solal SPF 30+ (R249) to protect your face from UV exposure whether running on the road or on a treadmill next to your gym’s glass windows.

Good Skin On The Go

After you’ve burned kilojoules, head for the shower and wash your skin immediately with an effective yet gentle facial cleanser (that you packed in your gym bag the night before, of course). Solal Skin Wash (R179) is soap-free, which means that while no skin-drying ingredients like SLS or SLES will hit your skin, excess oil will be removed quickly.

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“Dry Clean” Your Skin

Post-shower, your clean skin is damp and ready for another dose of moisturiser. What it needs now is to be softly patted dry with a clean towel. It’s no good going to gym make-up free and washing your skin immediately after working out if you use a dirty towel. Bacteria will simply sink into your skin. As a back-up, keep a pack of facial wipes in your gym bag and use them to cleanse your face rather than subject your skin to an unwashed, grimy towel.

Moral of the story? Say bye-bye to make-up, do a little skin prep work and stock your gym bag wisely. And that’s the secret to no more “gym skin.”

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