Here’s How DJ Fix Lost Her Post-Baby Weight – In Just 3 Months

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Weight Loss

We all know and love DJ Fix from the Forbes and Fix Show on 5fm – and the media personality is glowing and looking every bit like the hot momma she is. After giving birth to her bundle of joy, Malachi, eight months ago, Fix seemed to have bounced back into pre-baby shape. How?

Losing the baby weight wasn’t easy as it looked. The truth: It takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Fix shares how she dropped the kilos, all while balancing her stellar career and everything else life threw at her.

Fikile Moeti (DJ Fix)

Occupation: Radio and TV personality

Age: 31

Weight before: 82kg

Weight after: 68kg

Time required to reach current weight: 3 months

 Secret weapons: Healthy diet and exercise

The Gain

An avid sportswoman, Fekile did it all, from watersport to running. She swam throughout her pregnancy, and continued with yoga and body-weight training.

But despite eating as healthily as possible and exercising, she gained a few more kilos than she was happy with. Although there’s nothing wrong with carrying a bit of post-baby weight (it’s totally normal), Fix knew that in order to be the best mom she could be she needed to be as healthy as possible – and that meant losing the extra weight.

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The Lifestyle

To tone up, Fix went back to basics: running and swimming. “Running helps me shed weight, while swimming helps with strength and core muscle,” she explains. “I literally get my little guy in his running pram and we do 5km around the neighbourhood.” Talk about #MommyGoals!

She doesn’t limit her diet to certain foods, but rather eats in moderation. To avoid temptation, she tries not to eat out. But if she really has to hit a restaurant, she settles on a “simple chicken salad – no dressing”. And when she’s socialising, her fave low-kilojoule drink is a Flying Fish Lite beer.

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The Reward

Losing the weight was hard at first because Fekile’s post-baby body was different from her pre-baby bod. But with the support of family and friends, she was able to return to her fit self in just three months. Her greatest supporter has been her aunt. “She knows how driven I am, but balancing your old fitness life with motherhood can be very tough. She keeps reminding me that I can make it work,” she says.

Her biggest reward is that she and her son are both healthy and happy. The most important lesson Fix has learnt is to be kind to be yourself: “I was losing pregnancy weight, which is difficult when you have a newborn baby. Just balancing work and my little guy is hard enough.”

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Fix’s Tips

Start somewhere: “Stop looking at your goals like a mountain. Just do something every day – even if you don’t finish or manage less kays than you had in mind.”

Have a partner: “Train with someone who will help you reach your goal.”

You are what you eat: “Ninety percent of reaching your ideal weight goal is about what you eat and drink. Ten percent is the actual training.”

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