REVEALED: Banesa Tseki of The Nest Is Coming To Fit Night Out! Plus, Why We LOVE Yoga

by | Jul 20, 2023 | WH Promotion & Events

The list of benefits that can come from doing yoga are almost boundless, which is why we’re amped that it’s on the roster for Fit Night Out. And yogi extraordinaire, Banesa Tseki of The Nest Space will be taking us through an uplifting yoga flow to end off an evening of hot movement. “I am really excited about sharing the incredible practice of yoga with some amazing people,” says Tseki.  

Banesa Tseki’s Flow 

Yoga at the Nest is an invigorating and calming experience. And yoga has done a lot to help Tseki. “What makes my yoga practice so special is that it is both an incredible form of exercise and spirituality practice for me,” she says. “This practice has been a refuge of mine; whether I’m moving in asana or in stillness meditation I get to  focus on the different parts of my mind, body and soul and small miracles happen– I get to forget the world for a moment and go within.” Sounds ah-mazing to us! 

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Why we love yoga 

From moving with your breath to deepening your awareness of your body, there are so many benefits to yoga. 

You’ll get more flexible 

Yoga offers a lot if you’re looking to become more flexible. Deep poses and guided breathing allow you to sink into deep stretches, elongating muscles so that you can become more flexible. With regular practice, you can go from not touching your toes to being able to engage in a full split. 

You’ll improve your balance 

From standing poses that require one foot only to twists and bends, you’ll challenge your sense of direction and balance when you do a yoga flow. Balancing poses have the added benefit of helping you with body awareness and naturally, challenge your core. 

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You’ll be more relaxed

Since yoga blends breathing with movement, you’re able to settle down and focus on only those two things, making this a top way to gain your centre and relax. Plus, study after study shows that yoga promotes relaxation, eases anxiety and allows you to sleep better. 

It’s good for your heart

Breathing through deep stretches while holding other challenging poses allows you to pump up your heart rate, which is great for heart health. Per John Hopkins Medicine, “​​Practising yoga may help lower blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood glucose levels, as well as heart rate, making it a useful lifestyle intervention.” 

Come Fit Night Out, we’ll be loving this cool-down with Tseki as we wind down a night of pumping workouts. “After a day/night filled with such incredible intense and fun-filled activity we will take the time to cool down with some hip openers, reclined twists, and passive inversions,” says Tseki. “We want to relax our bodies into a state of blissful gratitude and calm.” Get tickets to the best workout party in the country right here

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