Gear Up For The Beast Trail Run With These 5 Essentials

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Fitness

What do you call running up and down and around Table Mountain? You call it the Beast Trail Run. It’s taking place this Sunday and yours truly is doing the 30km. Starting at Forries, this brutal route takes you basically everywhere but fortunately back to the bar where a cold beer will be waiting. I’m frothing, to say the least…

It’s beastly, come prepared

I may have opted for the slightly more manageable 30km, but there is a brutal 50km and for the slightly saner, a 12km. For a race of this calibre, there are certain items that are compulsory. As in pack it in or risk being disqualified from the event. I mean on your head be it.

For a compulsory kit, you basically need everything that will help you survive, should something go wrong. We’re talking cellphone (with emergency numbers), all the warm and waterproof layers, food, hydration and first aid kit. If you have all the necessary gear packed in you can focus on enjoying the absolutely stunning route planned for Sunday. The climbing is intense but that means all the views. Make sure you look around once in a while to take it all in.

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The day before the race, you’ll want to get all of this gear sorted. That as well as good, solid meals, hydration, plenty of rest and an early night. What I also like to do is get my outfit for the next day sorted and I lay it out in order of putting on. It may seem silly, but having one less thing to stress about really helps me sleep. Here’s an #OOTD to get you race ready…

Your #OOTD


First up, some decent trail shoes. You need shoes that won’t hold you back in any way such as hurting your toes, blisters, slippery soles…we’ve all been there. These babies are my absolute dream shoes. The S/Lab by Salomon. These trail running shoes are designed to be just as good in and out of water – absolutely necessary in this wet weather or water crossings in summer. They’re insanely light and prefect for every terrain. Bring on the Beast.

VERSUS Blue Stripes Socks

And inside those shoes, you need some comfy socks. Versus socks specialise in active socks that prevent chafing and blisters. That’s all you want really right? Plus, cool designs that will keep your sock game on point. I’ve got countless pairs of these gems and swear by them.


Next up, pants. I always prefer shorts because I overheat otherwise but the choice is yours. These tight shorts by MOVEPRETTY are so cute and they’re made with moisture-wicking material to keep you cool and dry. LOVE. 


If you’ve ever had sports bra chafe you know that it’s the worst. A comfy bra is an absolute must. This seamless desgin by ASICS is so comfy you’ll forget you’re even wearing a bra. #winning


Finally, a loose, easy breathing top that won’t restrict your movement at all. Something like this ASICS short sleeve top would be my first choice. Again, comfort over everything but I rate this rounds of your #OOTD pretty nicely. Don’t you think?

Online entries to Beast are closed but there are entries available on the day if you’re feeling inspired. 

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