Are There Pills That Can Make You Look Even More Beautiful?

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Who isn’t on the search for eternal youth, or at the very least clear, glowing skin? We’re constantly bombarded with promises of age-defying super potions, so it can be hard to know what to believe. Introducing nutraceuticals: digestible nutrients that promise to tackle skin wrinkles, dullness and even banish cellulite by feeding proteins and vitamins into your bloodstream. Here, some nutraceuticals out on the market that could improve how you look and feel.

Solal Collagen Plus Skin Essentials (R260)

This supplement has capsule-in-a-capsule technology, which has enabled two products to be combined into one. Collagen, biotin, silicon and vitamin A boost collagen, elastin and keratin synthesis, for flexible, strong and more youthful hair, skin and nail growth. Omega-3 concentrate nourishes the skin, while to cotrienol oil, the best form of vitamin E, heals the skin. Available at Dis-chem.

Solal Collagen Plus

Imedeen Time Perfection (R1210)

These supplements contain biomarine complex and naturally derived tomato and grapeseed extracts. Nutrients from this unique formula build up in your skin for greater defence from oxidative stress, helping to repair fine lines and wrinkles. Available at Clicks.

Imedeen Time Perfection

QMS MediCosmetics Intravital Plus Capsules (R715)

Recondition and protect the skin’s structure from within. Each capsule has vitamin C to stimulate normal connective tissue production, hydrolysed collagen, micronutrients, biotin resveratrol, copper gluconate and coenzyme Q10 to help reduce fine lines, hyper pigmentation and premature skin ageing. It also normalises the pH-value of skin. Available at Skin Miles.

QMS Intravital Plus

StaminoGro Woman (R145)

This all-inclusive supplement contains high quantities of iron, folic acid, vitamins B6, E and D, amino acids and zinc, which are important when considering female health and vitality holistically. StaminoGro Woman is essential for your overall well-being because it builds and repairs tissue, helps you fight infection, gives you energy and fortifies your hair, nails, bones, muscles and skin. Available at Dis-chem.


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