“I Only Started Being Health Conscious When I Moved To Cape Town”

by | Jul 5, 2023 | Wellness

Thabang Buthelezi (28), didn’t pay much attention to her health and fitness for a while. She’d been living in Johannesburg, where her work took up most of her time and with little free time she had, she couldn’t dedicate much of it to keeping healthy.  While being healthy is a conscious effort that can be done almost anywhere, relocation awakened Thabang’s consciousness to health. Right in the seaside suburb of Sea Point in Cape Town, Thabang became inspired by all the people running on the promenade, the readily available health foods and the health consciousness of the people.

The change

“I only started being health conscious when I moved to Cape Town from Johannesburg in 2019. I think living close to the [Sea Point] promenade inspired my current lifestyle. I was constantly surrounded by people who jog, eat clean and take their health quite seriously,” says Thabang. Prior to that, her life was all about work and play – taking care of her body was the last thing on her mind. “I had a demanding job, worked long hours, lived on takeaways and enjoyed a glass of wine every now and again in between my imbalanced work and life set-up. That period of my life was miserable. When you do not have time to take care of yourself, your mental health suffers along with your bodily health,” recalls Thabang. All that had to change — and it did thanks to her relocation. 

Thabang Buthelezi’s routine

It started with short daily walks, then jogging and soon she was working out at least twice a week. It was just what she needed, reflects Thabang. “I had hit rock bottom, battled with anxiety, was mentally and emotionally drained and uninspired. Working out kept me sane. Jogging was my stress release and yoga centred my thoughts. 

“I’m also eating clean without depriving myself of the things I enjoy. I now take time out to give myself love and rest. I’m whole and in a space I never ever want to leave, all thanks to moving my body more often,” concludes Thabang. This is not her peak but she feels that she’s pretty close.

Thabang Buthelezi

The payoff

Now, Thabang has found her zen through exercise. “I’m not the fittest person you’ll find in the room but one thing I am, is active enough and content with where I am mentally and physically,” says Thabang. She still trains at least twice a week by going for runs. And, she supplements that with regular yoga sessions. “I’ve since learned that wellness is the ultimate luxury. When you look good, you feel good and do good.”

Thabang’s Resetting Tips

Rest is important

“Schedule some time off in the week just to do absolutely nothing – rest,” she says.

Practise self-care

“Get your favourite bubble bath, salts, light candles and pamper your body. It works so hard, it deserves all the love.”


“Take care of the mind; meditating is a great way to clear all thoughts and be whole with yourself.”

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