Bernini – The Real, Sparkling Spritzer Made from Wine, Showcases the Real, Natural Potential of SA Women in a New Campaign

by | Sep 29, 2022 | Life

We are Woman

The campaign aims to open society’s eyes to a world where we see women’s unbound potential in any sphere of life, from politics, music, business, art, sport and entertainment, to tech and science. Which is why the Bernini brand team chose to use the music of iconic female artist Lebo Matosa, with a modern and upbeat version of ‘Brand New Day’ as the meaningful soundtrack to the campaign.
South Africa is, and always has been filled with inspirational women and Bernini is all about a world where women work together to uplift each other, women who, like the only real sparkling spritzer made from wine, have a real sophistication and authenticity.


The only Real Sparkling Spritzer Made From Wine

Bernini is the only real sparkling spritzer made from wine with flavours. This sparkling wine-based spritzer is for women ready to embrace their potential, with the courage to be true to themselves . The campaign aimed at sophisiticated South African women will set the brand apart from its competitors as the only popular RTD on the market that is truly ‘made from wine’ and to show consumers that the Bernini range of ‘sparkling spritzers’ with the easy ringpull closure is the preferred premium choice for any occasion.

Bernini is available in a range of Blush, Classic, and Amber variants in 275ml bottles, 300ml cans, and now 500ml cans.

Bernini supports responsible drinking and encourages all South Africans to consume alcohol responsibly. Alcohol Not for Persons Under 18 Years.

For more information, follow Bernini’s social media channels or go to

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