The Pro Cycling Hacks You Really Need

by | Mar 8, 2017 | Training

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Sweat it out on the bike

Candice Lill, pro cyclist, has been cycling ever since she could walk, so she knows a bit about being on a bike. Here, she drops some mad nuggets of knowledge and cycling hacks you really need.

Find A Chafing Ointment  

“This is very real to most women who cycle on a regular basis,” says Lill. “You just need to find the best way to minimise the damage. I use an ointment called Mylocort, which I apply to sensitive/damaged areas liberally, before and after rides and before I go to bed.”

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Get Your Saddle Set Up 

Experiencing butt pain? It could be something you’re doing wrong. “I believe if you’re getting butt pain, then you need to go for a proper bike set up. Your saddle is either pointing too far up or to far forward/back. Other than that, your saddle is probably wrong for you and you need to find a wider/more narrow saddle,” says Lill.

Condition Yourself

You’ll need to work on your planking skills. “You need to have a strong core for balance and control of the bike on technical sections,” says Lill. “I would also say squats and deadlifts, which will strengthen and condition all the muscles you use in mountain biking, such as lower back, glutes, quads, hamstrings.”

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Snack Smart 

Lill uses PowerBar to snack on and Isoactive for endurance training. “I try to keep variety in my snacks on the bike,” she says. “Sometimes I take date balls or a banana with me to mix it up.”

Looking for more? Here are some last-minute tips to help you prep for you next big cycle race.

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