These 4 Products Will Instantly Transform Your Dry, Callused Winter Feet

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The first thing you land on when you jump out of bed is your feet – they’re on the go from that very moment up until you jump back into bed again. But how many times do we actually sit back and pamper them? Our guess? Not a lot. That’s why we’ve gathered a few must-haves to make your me time with your walkies a fun one.

Milk Solutions Professional Heel Kit

This kit is literally a game changer… It’s got everything you’ll need. The products are specifically formulated to address the everyday exposure of the skin of the hands and feet to some of the harshest and most visibly damaging environmental elements. Lengthy walking distances, outdoor activities, sports and a culture of dancing are part of the everyday for many, that’s why you need this kit. Get it at Milk Solutions Online for R230.43

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Milk Solutions Professional Foot File

This is a double-sided foot file with replaceable and interchangeable, self-adhesive abrasive pads. Which makes it amazing because it provide the confidence of 100 percent hygiene and safety with the convenience of customisation. Go on and get yourself smooth, happy feet. Get it at Milk Solutions Online for R151.97

Skin Republic Foot Active

Hello you sport and gym lovers… Here’s something you must definitely try. This 20-minute treatment has 22 plant extracts that help you revive and refresh tired, active feet. It contains peppermint, avocado and tea tree oil to help soothe irritated, inflamed skin. Get it at Zando for R55

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Spalicious Peach And Lavender Pie (Butter, Scrub And Soak)

Get yourself a little tub… You’ll thank us later. This is a hydrating sodium bicarbonate-based bath soak, which deeply cleanses the skin while moisturising and soothing with an anti-bacterial touch! But guess what? It’s just as amazing for soaking your feet too. It softens rough calluses and skin, neutralises acids on the skin, and acts as an excellent cleaning agent. Get it at Spalicious Salons for R495

Now go on and give your feet some love…

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