The 5 Best Local Yoga Tights All Bendy, Sweaty Girls Will Love

by | Jun 21, 2018 | Fitness, Style

Yoga tights: perfect for getting all bendy and sweaty and for sitting comfortably crossed-legged on the couch sipping Shiraz. Possibly the best invention since bloomers, yoga tights come in all kinds of cool googly patterns and fun, bright colourways. Express your best inner mermaid through your tights and your love for lumo and leopard. After all, yogis are non-judgemental and, just like they teach you in class, don’t take yourself too seriously.

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As a Betty who likes to get sweaty, these are my fave tights for doing all kinds of Tree and unslippery Eagles – and going to the shops afterwards.

1/ Chloe Jane 

Think bright and bold with lots of fun animal print and festival-ready patterns, from R420. Chloe Jane – started by a mom-and-daughter team who were tired of black leggings – has just partnered with Barre Body (Green Point and Claremont in Cape Town) to release a new range of styles, like these pink zebra leggings. CJ delivers countrywide.

Highlights: Very high waist with a wide double-thick waist-band (ie: keeps that tummy tucked).

2/ Daychaser 

Want moisture-wicking fabric that helps to keep you looking cool in Bikram? I love the geometric pattern and shades of blue of these ‘Ariella‘ tights from Daychaser, from R629. Coincidentally my fave all-black tights are also from Daychaser. They have great mesh panels and pockets! I run, do yoga and lunch in these tights and that’s the brand’s aim: to create workout gear you can wear anywhere. Find them here. Free delivery anywhere in SA for orders over R500.

Highlights: The high-waist design is flattering and the material is soft and hugs your skin.

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3/ Fifth Element 

Want tights that make you think you’re on a warm tropical island instead of the dead of winter in SA? I love how these ‘Island Style’ leggings set the tone, R599. Fifth Element also makes fun fit/yogi wear for kids – prices range from R275 (kids’ tights). They’re a fashion-meets-fitness brand with a lot of leisure and dancing-style apparel too. You can also shop Fifth Element at

Highlights: These rock a tiny invisible pocket in the waistband for keys and a bank card. Nice sleek feel too!

4/ Mermaids And Unicorns 

Channel your inner ethereal being in these cutesy and downright beautiful tights from Durban besties: Chuzzy and Daisy. I love the Neptune Mermaid – also available in kids’ sizes! They also have swimwear in the same gorgeous patterns. How apt. Leggings from R450. Free shipping to major areas in SA and the UK.

Highlights: The material is quite ‘grippy’ so your foot won’t go sliding down your leg in tree pose and the material is super stretchy.

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For yogis wanting some kick-ass athleisure too, PUSH Activewear offers a variety of gear. Passion project and brand extension of fitness lover Rozanne’s Rozanne & Pushkin label, PUSH also does the super-sexy fun and bright tights you can find at S.W.E.A.T.1000 in Joburg. These ‘Fly Away With Me‘ tights are R580 and are super-comfy, flattering and versatile. Delivery is free countrywide with orders over R1 200.

Highlights: An extra-high waistband with double material, they’re also perfect for very long legs.

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