The 18 Spring Nail Colours You Need To Try ASAP

by | Sep 5, 2019 | Nails

Let’s be honest… it’s not like we can go out and buy a whole new wardrobe every time the season changes. The easiest, most wallet-friendly (and commitment-free!) way to try out a new trend is with nail polish.

Newsflash: Pastels and variations on your go-to shades are totally ‘in’ for spring!

Nothing says 2019 quite like Pantone’s Color of the Year: Living Coral. The bright, golden orange just says ‘hello, it’s spring’, plus it looks super flattering on every skin tone. If you want to go bold, give canary yellow a go or bright Barbie pink. Both colours are eye-catching and give off a happy vibe.

If you’re going for a more mellow springtime look, you’re in luck because a few softer shades are trending this season. First, there’s sky blue. Rock the muted-down shade all over your nails. Or, try an oh-so-cool minty greens… basically lime green’s little sister. The mix between yellow and green might look a little Halloween ‘scary’ in the bottle, but it’s as easy to pull off as any pastel. Lastly, metallics are still big news (the silvers and golds are so mainstream, they’re essentially neutrals). Pair them with any look and they’ll match perfectly.

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No matter which direction you go, all of these trending spring nail colours will be sure to brighten your digits…and your mood.

1/ Best Bright Coral

This take on the trend is heavy on the orange, so if you’re looking for a bit more pigment, this is it.

Smudge Nail Polish in Tangerine

2/ Best Trendy Coral

As close to Pantone’s Color of the Year as you’ll get!

Essie Nail Colour in Tart Deco

3/ Best Shimmery Coral

This tangerine shade with just a touch of shimmer will leave you dreaming of a December beach holiday.

MAVALA Mini Nail Polish in Orange Sherbet

4/ Best True Sky Blue

Look up sky blue in the dictionary, and you’ll find this polish. Okay, not really! But this cheery aqua is sure to get you in the springtime mood.

MORGAN TAYLOR Professional Nail Lacquer in Water Baby

5/ Best Baby Sky Blue

There’s something about this misty blue that’s tranquil and calming. And it’s not just because the shade is called “powder blue.”

MoYou Nail Lacquer in Powder Blue

6/ Best Amped Up Sky Blue

Amp up the trend with this cornflower hue. You have the same light, airy feel but with a bit more oomph.

OPI Nail Lacquer in No Room For The Blues

7/ Best Soft Mint

Like a ice cold mint mojito, this colour will instantly refresh any look.

OPI Nail Lacquer in That's Hula-Rious!

8/ Best Bold Mint

This shade is as fresh as it gets!

Chanel Le Vernis in Verde Pastello

9/ Best Ice-Cream Mint

So delicious, you’ll want to eat it. Looks great on tanned toes!

Sorbet Pro Gel Effect Nail Polish in Tint Of Mint

10/ Best Cool Metallic

Want a shade that is as cold as ice? We imagine that this is the shade Princess Elsa would rock.

Revlon Holochrome Nail Enamel in Unicornicopia

11/ Best Warm Metallic

Tend to reach for gold jewellery? Then this is your nail colour. The metallic paint is half gold, half silver, and entirely cool.

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Nail Color in Game of Chromes

12/ Best Glitter Metallic

This is the ultimate shimmery polish for glitter lovers everywhere. Wear it on its own or paint a coat over any polish to amp up the shine.

MORGAN TAYLOR Professional Nail Lacquer in Silver Holographic Glitter

13/ Best “It” Yellow

If Chanel makes it, it must be good! Two coats of this sunny shade is an instant outfit maker.

Chanel Le Vernis in Giallo Napoli

14/ Best Long-Lasting Yellow

This long-lasting formula will make sure your trendy nails won’t chip, dull, or fade for days.

Nail Lacquer in I Just Can't Cope-acabana

15/ Best Pastel Yellow

If you’re looking for a softer shade try this sunny, sweet hue.

Max Factor Max Effect Mini Nail Polish in Mellow Yellow

16/ Best Soft Pink

Looking for a toned-down version of this notice-me colour? Try one with a bit more white, like this version from essence cosmetics.

essence Shine Last And Go Gel Nail Polish in 30

17/ Best Radiant Pink

In true Barbie fashion, this pink with a blue-undertone is a standout shade.

Smudge Nail Lacquer in Bubblegum

18/ Best Bold Pink

It doesn’t get bolder or brighter than this!

Rubi Nail Polish in Hot Pink

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