How To Get Better Results From Your Workout — Without Trying Harder

by | Sep 15, 2017 | Fitness, Food & Nutrition

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It’s what you do immediately after the workout that really counts…

The key is in this cocktail…

Yeah, we all want to get toned without spending any extra time at the gym. Want to reap better results from your workout – without trying any harder? Add some soy and dairy to your post-workout snack: the combo appears to be more effective at repairing and building muscle than pure dairy protein alone, according to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition.

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In the study, 19 people worked out and then refuelled one hour later with a protein drink. Some drinks only contained whey protein, while others contained a blend of soy, whey and casein proteins (whey and casein both come from dairy). Afterward, researchers assessed how quickly the participants’ bodies broke down the protein into amino acids (also known as “protein breakdown”) and used it to repair and build new muscle (“protein synthesis”). Compared to whey protein alone, soy-dairy drinks generated a longer-lasting boost in protein synthesis. Meaning? The combo cocktail worked better than whey alone.

The combo snack of champions

While soy, whey, and casein are all high-quality sources of protein on their own, each contain different levels of amino acids and are digested at different rates. When you eat them all at once, though, you get each protein’s unique benefit and prolong the effects, says Paul Reidy, lead investigator and exercise physiologist.

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To make your fitness routine even more effective, eat a combo soy and dairy snack that contains about 20g of protein within an hour of completing your workout – that’s prime time for protein synthesis.

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